Is the world vegetarian friendly ?

I have not traveled much internationally to judge that. Talking with respect to my travel experiences the struggle I have had to find good vegetarian food in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and within India in the state of Orissa was like hunting for my lost earring while scuba diving in the Atlantic ocean. I am … Continue reading Is the world vegetarian friendly ?


The grand deception

Hey everyone! Just like you guys are addicted to coffee, alcohol, chocolates or cigarettes, I am so addicted to writing blogs these days, it¬†gives me so much more pleasant than what I actually have to do. I really wish travel blogging was my full-time job but sadly the world is not a wish-granting¬†factory. Just as … Continue reading The grand deception

Can you judge a city by it’s rape statistics?

I know the title sounds strange but yeah! There is one blog post that I have been wanting to write for the past one and a half months but I have been procrastinating to do it as usual. Actually, it is something which is pretty normal to me but dangerous according to most adults considering … Continue reading Can you judge a city by it’s rape statistics?