Hello,welcome to this new section of my blog where I will be reviewing all my reads.You must be wondering how I transitioned from a travel blogger to a book review blogger. Whereas in reality I have not transitioned but I have become more inclusive and I am including things.

The first book I finished reading this year was this book known as artists’ way by Julia Cameron.I completely loved reading the book because that was the medicine I needed after being afflicted with this disease known as writers’ block/artists’ block.

This book is a very useful insight to the barriers to creativity and they teach us ways to overcome those barriers.Cameron has divided the book into various chapters based on the senses one needs to retrieve in order to get over that creative block and make the best use of our creative senses.

It was after I started reading that book that I had the motivation to always get a post or two on my blog regularly and not make any excuses.I had lost interest in my full time hobbies(writing and art) which I regained after reading that book.

The exercises that she provides are extremely useful.In case you have been procrastinating or putting off something you are really good at be it designing,cinematography or any form of creative pursuit order a copy of the book online.It is a little expensive for a book but completely worth it,I would recommend the book 10/10 in addition to the artists’ way workbook as well.Cameron has designed the book in the form of a course each chapter covers the syllabus of a particular week and at the end of the week she gives us some homework.

The artists’ way workbook has all the homework tasks in case you are unmotivated like me to complete your homework.This book was also served as an inspiration for famous people like the actor Russel Brand and Elizabeth Gilbert,the author of eat,pray and love.


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