One Woman adventure adventure 2:Part 3-My first cruise ever.

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Hey all ,I am back with the next episode of my one woman adventure series of my Switzerland trip.I am airing this episode after more than five months because one I have returned to blogging only recently.Two,I didn’t want to bore you with the same things on consecutive posts.

My phone’s automatic creation made a vlog  for me of my Mount Rigi and Lucerne trip.Here is the link to the video where you can get glimpse of my entire day.I promise you won’t see much of my face on it,it is only the breathtakingly beautiful places that I had visited that day views of which you will enjoy :Vlog 1-Mount Rigi and Lucerne Trip(July 2018)

Since the day was an extremely long ,I don’t want to ruin things by writing about the entire day in one post.I decided to break the narrations for that day into parts.I am going to do the cruise alone on this blog post.

I got off Lucerne railway station.I was planning to visit Mt Rigi at first and then do a tour of Lucerne. I went to the information center at the station to find out how to get there.When given the option of bus or cruise to go to Rigi ,I chose the latter as I wanted a new experience.Also,I find long journeys by cars and buses very boring in general.

I then went to the harbor which was thankfully right opposite to the railway station.I didn’t have to buy tickets to board the ship since I had a travel pass which would cover my journey.In case you plan to visit Switzerland,I suggest you get a travel pass(details of which I will put in another blog post) rather than buy tickets everywhere as it works out cheaper that way.

The cruise lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes and that was the best hour and a half of my entire life so far.Someone,please slow down time or give me a time machine so that I can rewind six months.Its high time some famous scientist invented a time machine.

Anyway,without further adieu cruise along with me through my picture narrations while I cruise down memory lane.Then you will find out why it was the best one and a half hours of my life.

My cruise ship.I got onto the lower deck(middle deck actually) since my pass only covered that.One has to pay extra for the upper deck where I am guessing there are additional privileges and facilities
The inside of my ship where most people were sitting. I am showing you only half of the size of what it was.You can see the wooden thing behind those chair tables are seating benches and near that is a staircase to go upstairs.
Restaurant cum snack bar.
Cannot believe that they have all this stuff inside a ship so cool.This was a restaurant cum snack bar.The previous one had low priced food and this one had expensive food.
Guess what ?they had an outdoor seating too.I sat outdoors throughout the cruise to enjoy world class view like this.These moments are what I call real luxury not those ultra expensive cars and condos.
I am getting goosebumps and tears of joy while writing this post. Isn’t this beautiful ?
Yes this is how we were seated on the outdoors and there was a seating area behind this bench from where I was clicking this picture.Unfortunately,I couldn’t sit here as it was fully occupied and the ship which I returned in didn’t have this kind of seating.
Read to take off  from Lucerne(Luzern)
The Swiss flag in its full glory
The cool breeze blowing against your face,the magnificent crystal clear waters at its best and the world’s most amazing views is what I call true happiness.
Just wow look at these clouds
Luxurious Lake Lucerne-That doesn’t make any sense but it is an alliteration
Overlooking the alps mountains afar.
The bottom most floor of the ship.You get to see under water from there.Cool right?I didn’t know I could go down further until much later.Thank god for giving me a sharp pair of eyes to spot the stair case that goes down.
Ok,I am taking pictures of too many random strangers without their permission.Dear accidental photo bombers,if you read this please don’t sue me it is not my fault that you all are appearing on my pictures
I have never seen water of this shade of blue anywhere on earth.The best part about Switzerland is that every city has a lake at the center point of the city,even better each lake has water of a different color.
Too mainstream.The lake and mountain view.
Yes that’s our ship splashing against the water.
Just wow.
Free coffee I got at the train station.They give out a lot of promotional samples at stations there and in case you are wondering I am not diabetic I just like sugar free/less sugar coffee.
Three stops later-Vitznau my halt.
I missed my ship back to Lucerne.So I had to wait at this place called Wegis for 1 hour and 45 minutes, I didn’t get bored at all.I was enthralled to have gotten some extra time to enjoy these views and click some pictures for my readers to enjoy them too.
Wegis is a small village in Switzerland from where you take the cable car to go to Mount Rigi. Villages and cities in Switzerland look the same.The only way you differentiate is by looking at the quantity of crowds,the branded stores on the street and whether it has a train station or not.
Tied is a paddle boat.I wish I could have gone but these adventures are too risky for me to try alone.
Not too special as I see flower bunches like these every time everywhere.

The ship that I returned in.I couldn’t take a picture of it before boarding because I cannot afford to miss this one.I already missed the ship which left at 12.40 as I wasted time loitering and taking pictures.I had to wait until 2.15 for this one.If I missed this one too,I would have had to wait until 5 pm which would a mean whole day’s plan delayed/gone waste.
The stair case to go to the upper deck of the ship.The previous ship had very vintage interiors and this one had modern interiors.I cannot chose between the two as I love both equally.
Yes this ship had sofas and carpets on the inside unlike the other one which had wooden floors and benches.
The bottom most deck of the ship.Again underwater views which I didn’t find interesting beyond the first time.
Trust me this picture doesn’t even capture 1/10th of the beauty of this view.
Resto cum bar
Back to Lucerne and time to kill this city with my presence.
Oh my god !How could I have forgotten to show you a picture of this magnificent thing on the way to my lowest deck.I don’t know what it is called there was some description given in German which I didn’t understand and the staff at the ship spoke only German.This was on the first vintage ship btw,the one from Lucerne to Rigi.

I hope you all enjoyed this adventure.If you did please give this post a like.Is there any experience you would like to share with me or is there some feedback you want to share about this post ?Do leave it in the comments.

Thanks for reading !I will be back soon with my next adventure.This post was lying in my drafts folder for the last four months.I just noticed it today,edited it and published it.

Bye bye !Have a great weekend ahead.


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