Hello everybody,welcome to my first edition of shoutout saturday.

I requested for submissions on all my social media accounts(instagram,twitter,whatsapp and facebook).This initiative is for budding bloggers to gain recognition.I only recieved three submissions so far which indeed is an extremely disappointing number.I had said I would do shoutouts to five bloggers every month.

I recieved only three nominations though.I would like to commend them for sending me their blogs as it takes a lot of courage to put your work on the internet.Especially when you are starting out.

They are-:

1.K4 family blog

Blog Link-maasu.in

So this blogger mainly focuses on lifestyle.My favourite posts of hers are the one she wrote on body positivity and self acceptance,why there is a need for us to take breaks.

2.SSK Rail World

Blog link-SSK Creations Trains

Lives on trains-a sentence to describe this blogger.An ardent rail and travel enthusiast who possibly knows the number and destination of every single train.He also has a youtube channel called SSK Rail World which has over 15K subscribers where he uploads videos and vlogs of trains.His blogs mostly focus on the adventure stories that he encounters as he jumps from one train to another as well as ones based on his life experiences.So do read his fun filled train stories and check out his youtube channel too.To accompany him on his train rides all you have to do is click the subscribe button.

3.Opus by the ocean

Blog Link-Opus by the ocean

She is the poet

Which makes every

Sound she hears

Sight she sees

Senses she smells

Soul she touches

Savour she tastes

Into a poem

Hence I am making

Her the poem

That is right some are poets while others are the poem.This poetry blogger is both.Her poems are deep treats to wounded souls.In addition to her poems she also has written a post on her internship experience.You guys can read her post to get some reality of what it feels like to work.

Congratulations winners !I hope to see your blogs become a great success in the future.

Stay tuned to see next week’s post.

If you would like to be nominated either contact me through the comments section below.

Or through E-mail,Instagram or Twitter.

There are no terms conditions to enter other than the fact you should own a blog.So please do send me your submissions or pass on to your friends.

The feature image was created by Aparna,one of the finest calligraphy artists I know.You can follow her work on her Instagram page.

Have a great Sunday bye !


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