One woman adveture 2:Part 2-Unleashing my Bear Grylls at Titlis

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Welcome back to part 2 of season 2 episode 2 of my one-woman adventure series.

Yes, I have decided that I will do another Switzerland post because I have a lot of time right now.

So on this week’s episode, I will be featuring one of my adventures on the Mountain tops: The snow-capped Mt Titlis.


This was an impromptu plan we had made while at Lucerne. I then took the next train from Lucerne to Engelberg. It was a magnificent kiddy train with kids books and stuff.

Engelberg-As soon as we got off here.
Trust me, Mt Titlis is so full of Indian tourists that they ended up opening an Indian restaurant here.
Engelberg-One of my favorite cities in Switzerland so far

I did the Titlis trip the day after I did the Lausanne and Geneva trip.

If my Switzerland trip could be defined in a phrase it would be The wrong place, wrong clothes.

Yes, I thought the weather would be cold and I carried clothes like jeans and tops(not sweaters though since I wanted to feel cold on purpose). The Titlis plan was impromptu and I did the exact opposite.


What I wore at Mount Titlis.A cotton top and harem pants. You wear these in summer. They are loose pants that are made out of really thin material.

I do not have much to say about the trip as it did not have any misadventures as my adventures usually do. It was a pretty smooth ride-spoiler alert! Except for the clothes part. So look at the pictures and travel with me while I reminisce.

The entrance at Mt Titlis.These are the different points the cable car ride takes us through.The cable car ride starts from Engelberg,stops at Trubsee and Jochpass in between.The final stop is Mt Titlis.
The cable cars which took us to different points.Each cable car has a flag of a particular country on it.During my return journey I got a cable car with a flag of India on it co-incidentally.And guess what ?I got my own cabpe car while going up.
On the way up in the cable car ride.So many cows. Happily munching away with their ringing bells.
View from the cable car.As I went to the top of the Mountain. The same view was to be seen from the bottom of the mountains as well.
Pine trees
At the first stop on my cable car ride.At Trubsee
The snow-covered Alps’ view.
There was a beautiful lake there with crystal clear emerald green waters
Row, row, row your boat. If you know to row. As bad as I wanted to do it, I do not know how to row and I did not have a companion who knew how to row.
This scenery looks like a painting I could frame on my wall. Or should I frame this itself?
The point where there was a restaurant and there were drinks and everything available. There was also a play area for children as you can see and a trampoline.
Panoramic view from the restaurant. Black and white effect created by my phone.
Not real ones.Toy ones or fake ones or whatever you call them kept up for display.
I wish I could insert the video of these cows’ bells ringing. They were music to my ears. I need to upgrade my site for that which I plan to do soon.
The second stop on the cable car ride, Jochpass. This was just a viewing point of the snow covered mountains from this point we had to take another cable car to the top.
On the cable car ride to the topmost point. This was the topmost point in the whole trip.
We had a separate cable car until point one.Point two and point three were a shared cable car with several other people.Guess what? Switzerland is extremely animal-friendly and dogs are allowed in the cable cars too.
The first place that I entered in the whole ride. A glacier cave.
Wall graffiti in the glacier cave.Had all sorts of rubbish written over them lol. I find this kind of vandalism to be offensive
See if you can decipher what is written here lol.
View of Mount Titlis from the Glacier cave
Finally here comes the snow
Leaving some footprints in the snow with my rubber slips.
There was a slope like place in Mt Titlis where skiing, sliding and snowball fighting took place. I could not engage in them as I was not wearing the right footwear. All Indian aunties kept asking me ‘beta aapko tand nahi lag rahi hain?'(Dear, aren’t you feeling cold ?)
I don’t know why but I think this view looks very depressing


The Indian film DDLJ was shot here that is why this DDLJ poster here. There was a whole swarm of people queuing up for a picture here.No wonder I saw so many large groups of Indians. Most of them had come via Thomas Cook from the Northern parts of India.
I was not wearing sweaters and the weather was perfect at this altitude(not too hot, not too cold)
Ignore the fact the nail paint game is totally not on point. Hehehe!You will not ignore it now because I pointed it out.
The cable car ride back to Engelberg all the way from Mt Titlis. This was the cable car with the India flag. I came back with a Philipino family who clicked this picture of me.
Same view while returning
At Engelberg station waiting for the train to Lucerne
I really wish I could go live in that house. Hopefully, someday I shall have the money to do that.
That is about it folks.

It has actually been exactly a month today since I left for my Switzerland trip. I really wish I had stayed there longer but sadly no time and money.

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you have anything to say either comment below or you can contact me on :



Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s post. I also have a special announcement which I will be posting as a separate blog post in a day or too.The announcement will also be posted on all my social media accounts.


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