Hey guys !My vacation from the school Miss Talking Feet is officially over and I had to extend my vacation for certain personal reasons.

I am a college student who lives in a hostel which sometimes serves inedible food.My university has restaurants from every part of the world except South Indian.I mean isnt this a crime ?If Indian universities can open food joints of places from other parts of the world why cant they from other parts of one’s own country ?

I have been craving for dosas for more than two months now.This weekend my dreams turned into reality.All my life I have been dreaming of a Scandinavian vacation.I never knew my dreams would be reduced to the level of eating dosas after moving to the Northern part of India.

So last night my family had come over from Chennai to visit and when I was asked where I want to go for dinner I immeadiately replied to a ‘South Indian restaurant’.We went to this place called Shree Rathnam in Harinagar which is a family restaurant.It did not have too many people which is indeed a blessing for a person who is not a fan of crowds at all like me.

The entrance of the restaurant.It is a fully vegetarian restaurant.It has North Indian,Chinese as well as South Indian food
The starters and idlis menu.Idlis are my least favourite South Indian food because they are very bland.I would loved to have the Thali but it would be too have from me.
The white thing that you see here is idli with chutney and sambhar(two types of dips).It is a south Indian snack commonly eaten for breakfast.I took this photo from the late Indian chef Tarla Dalal’s website.
Baby !This is what I came for.Dosas are what dreams are made of
Front page of the restaurant menu.I clicked this randomly
Some Paneer to make your mouth water.For the best paneer in the universe visit the state Punjab in India.
Honestly the beverage menu may not be very attractive for you guys.But filter cofee has its way into a Tamilian’s heart any day
All of us ordered Mysore Masala Dosa which is apparently the specialty dish of this restaurant.It was great I loved the cream of mullaga pudi(chilli powder) inside this dish.Trust me it is not at all spicy if you are someone who doesnt like spice
Putting my microphotography skills to test and I have failed
Some dahi(curd) vada with boondi (those small yellow balls and peanuts)the green thing is chilli.There were two and I ate both.This is the first time I am seeing tomato in dahi Vada and it was good actually
The same masala dosa with sambhar(the orange dip) and chutney(the green dip).The chutney was okayish and the sambhar was great
Finally some filter cofee to end my meal which made my weekend overall.I am not a coffee person but I am up for filter coffee any day

I hope I made your mouth water folks.If I did you can satiate your hunger by visiting Shree Rathnam in Hari Nagar in New Delhi.Shree Rathnam is a South Indian name I know but it has Chinese and North Indian food as well as you can see in the board outside the restaurant if you are not a fan of South Indian.

So this was a #wellspentsunday

I would like to apologize for the not so good quality pictures because the lighting where we were sitting wasnt so great.

So bye folks !I will see you guys with my next post soon .I will not keep you waiting this time as I am back to school from my vacation.


23 Replies to “A South Indian food Sojourn”

  1. Wow, this is a boatload of mouth watering Indian food . I haven’t been to India and aside from seeing all the beautiful landscapes, I’m as well excited with the Indian food, since I love to explore new food. The food that has a yellow ball looks like really tempting and luscious as well. I would definitely try this If I get the chance soon. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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  2. I love Dosas and Idlis. That’s the food I really miss in Thailand. There are restaurants in Bangkok but I stay far from there. This post just made me crave for hot steamed idlis with sambar and chutney.

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  3. Chennai! I’m perusing the menu photos for the possible appearance of Chicken65. One of my favorite Indian dishes which, as have told told, originated in Chennai.

    Their menu consists of vegetarian dishes, right?


  4. I am drooling as I type this because I absolutely love South Indian food. And I couldn’t agree more with you on this ‘If Indian universities can open food joints of places from other parts of the world why can’t they from other parts of one’s own country?. It is really difficult to find good South indian restaurants in all cities yet we find all sorts of continental restaurants popping up. Anyways I’m really craving some dosa right now and wishing i could have some.

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  5. Idli looks like our local rice cake called, puto (google it to see what I mean). What is idli made from? Dosas look a like like pancakes. Is it indeed a pancake and you call it dosas in India? I would love to try that. There aren’t many Indian restaurants here but I’d love to taste it when I do happen to visit one.

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    1. Yes, idli is a rice cake. Maybe it is the same dish with different names I will check it out.No dosa is not a pancake. Pancakes are made from flour and dosa is made of rice. They are thinner than pancakes but you could call them rice pancakes may be?


  6. I can totally understand your feelings and cravings for South Indian food. To find appetizing idlis and dosas in North is really a struggle, But happy to know you found this place to satiate your taste buds. If I can call myself lucky, I live in Matunga-in Mumbai, a heavenly place for relishing South Indian food. There are many options here to savor the best of idlis, varieties of dosas and wadas and also South Indian meal thali. If You happen to visit Mumbai, Matunga is the place for you.

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    1. Yes, I do visit Mumbai very frequently. I don’t think I have been to Matunga as it is too far from the places where I stay when I visit. When I come to Mumbai I always treat myself to street food as Mumbai chaats and vada pav is the best.Besides I have relatives there so I do get home cooked South Indian food.


  7. You reminded me of my own collage days. How we used to hunt for places which would serve us some yummy food and yet be economical at the pocket. This south Indian food sojourn is just that place discovered by you 🙂 The menu looks standard and the prices very reasonable

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  8. I see an opportunity to open a multi-cuisine restaurant to cater to all taste buds ! Jokes apart I think all college students go through this phase of longing for regional food. Glad you found yours 🙂

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  9. Indian cuisine! not everyone knows that I love to eat out. The thing is, traveling is quite expensive, airline tickets, hotel accommodations, etc. however, eating out to a restaurant featuring a foreign cuisine makes you experience a bit of their culture and that is what I am really about in travelling. I love tasting unique dishes and your post just made me crave a lot for Indian Cuisine!


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