One woman adventure 1:Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 of my first season of one-woman adventure series.Today was my second and last day at the Jal Mahotsav carnival.I was woken up at about 6 am for my morning tea, yes I managed to sleep only for about 45 minutes-1 hour.


This is how it looked like outside my tent when I was woken up at 6 am in the morning.Captured from my old phone which is in the queue to enter the graveyard.



Image result for morning tea
Tea is one drink that I don’t mind being woken up early for.


I spent about an hour scrolling through my Facebook and  Instagram feed(to see what all I had missed for one entire day a.k.a made sure I never missed out the news of any of my friends getting married).


Image result for friends getting married meme
Yep, that’s me right now


They had a yoga session at 6 am in the morning but I decided to skip it because it was too cold in the morning and a month back I wasn’t a fan of yoga at all.For the past 2-3 weeks, I have been waking up at 6 am every morning to do yoga thanks to the existence of certain inspirational people in my life.Sigh!So much in life can change in a month.


Image result for yoga memes
This is actually what yoga has done to me


I went cycling for an hour and captured some amazing sunrise pictures for Instagram.Instagram is full of sunset pictures as the majority doesn’t wake up to watch the sunrise.So I decided to do something different for a change. I had breakfast(I didn’t carry my phone hence I couldn’t capture a picture sorry), packed all my stuff, spoke to the event manager for a while about the entire carnival.My flight to Mumbai was at 8 pm which left me with several hours to do sightseeing.I wanted to try out more adventure activities but I realized that I was left with no money.


#sunrisesofinstagram.Captured while cycling at about 7 am in the morning



Close up view of the sunrise


My first stop was Omkareswar temple which hosted one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of India(shrines of Lord Shiva).The only thing I enjoyed there was the overpriced(Rs 500) boat ride between Omkareshwar and Mameshwar temples.Otherwise, the temple was full of hawkers and beggars.Every step I climbed I was surrounded by a zillion people asking me to do Abhishekam(A sort of extensive prayer, offering and worship procedure for Hindu gods, I think that’s why Abhishek is such a common name in India.I don’t know).This ritualistic procedure takes about an hour and costs about 100-150 INR which I feel is a waste of time and money.My parents and grandparents always perform this when they go to temples but I still don’t know what the benefits of this ritual are.Please leave it in the comments section if you do.


Captured during the boat ride at Omkareshwar.This looks like an Indian version of the Golden Gate bridge.



Indian golden gate bridge captured from another angle.Narmada,you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen you deserve to win more hearts than Angelina Jolie



Mameshwar temple



A mini fountain flowing from the mouth of a cow (which is considered holy in India) statue.Looks better in a video but I have a free plan and WordPress won’t allow me to post videos.





Omkareshwar temple from a distance.I actually went here first and then to Mameshwar.




Why are people washing clothes in the river?The detergent causes water pollution.Can’t they fill water in a bucket and then wash it.I personally feel washing clothes in rivers should be made a criminal offense.What say, guys?


Screenshot (103).png
The mini water stream.The water was so nice and cool, smelt great combined with the breath of fresh air.


I then had some lunch at the same midway place where I had breakfast the previous day.I wasted food because it was way too hot and it burned my tongue.

Image result for hot food memes

I then visited a Ganesh temple in Indore which I didn’t find very interesting but I was extremely intrigued by the way they arranged the stacks of laddoos and I even tried some of them for free which explains why I returned looking like one lol.

Here are some of the pictures-:








Vendors selling colorful ladoos



I love how aesthetically these ladoos are stacked.I need to learn some organizing skills from these guys.



I had some veg lollipop at a restaurant after that.Apparently, Indore is known for them.I never knew such a delicacy existed prior to this.I have only heard of chicken lollipops.I seem to be out of the loop on a lot of things these days.I realized that this delicacy is quite popular all over India as I noticed them on a few restaurant menus post the trip.


The crispy crunchy veg lollipop I had a restaurant.


I went to a temple which was made of glass after that.The temple looked extremely amazing on the inside but that guy sternly asked me not to click pictures before I entered.This temple was one of the very few interesting parts of today other than the Narmada river boat ride at Omkareshwar.


The glass temple.The door which is open is the entrance to the temple.This temple isn’t very large it is only one floor



A glimpse of the glass temple for you guys.


It was already about 5:30 pm.Even though I was left with a good amount of time for my flight the driver told me that I wouldn’t be able to get back in time for the flight as all the other points of interest were located very far away from where I was.Which meant I had to some time pass at Indore airport.

I had to bid a tearful goodbye to the city at the airport.Why are all the good things in life so short lived?They are like my favorite characters in movies and TV shows, I don’t know about you guys but I think the director of all the TV shows I watch has a grudge against me and always kills my favorite characters.

Image result for tearful goodbye

Image result for killing your favourite character on tv

This may be the end of my adventure but not my adventure series.Post this, I stayed in Mumbai for three days to spend some time with my family and went on a boring 24-hour train journey back home(a bad decision I know).I was thinking of blogging about the train journey but all I did there was eat, slept a bit, talked to some friends, read some books and listened to music, dealt with some ultra noisy and annoying passengers.

So there isn’t anything to blog about



11 Replies to “One woman adventure 1:Part 3”

  1. I agree about the washing in the river, it should really be made illegal. I don’t even know why people still do it at this time and age. Detergents can be harmful to the marine life. So what are ladoos? Is this a fruit?


    1. Yes but the hard part here is monitoring and supervising the people who do it.Yes they do endanger the existence of marine life.Ladoos are a round Indian ball like sweet.They come in different colours,shapes,varieties,sizes and flavours


  2. Looks like you enjoyed a full day of adventure.. waking up very early in the morning is a huge struggle but I hope I can work on it soon


  3. Beautiful captures. How did you manage to sleep with just 1 hour!! And yes, yoga is wonderful. Coming to people washing cloths in the river, yes, that needs to stop. We need to conserve our environment better


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