One woman adventure 1 :Part 2

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Hello guys!A happy new year and welcome to my first blog post of 2k18 ever.

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Welcome to part 2 of series 1 of the One Woman Adventure series.Hanuwantiya, the place where the Jal Mahotsav carnival was being held was a four-hour drive from Indore.Hanuwantiya is an area located in the small town of Mundi in Madhya Pradesh.As soon as I entered the MP Tourist Complex resort, Hanuwantiya I was given celebrity level reception.


The letters look lit in the evening



Entrance to the reception of the Jal Mahotsav



Reception area of the Jal Mahotsav


I was escorted to my tent in an open car.Even though I am not that young, the officials were extremely surprised that a girl of my age could come all alone as they were asking me several times if anyone else was staying with me.I think they mistook me like everyone else does for a 16 or 17-year-old(I wish I was that age, sigh) due to the fact that I was wearing a western outfit.People never get my age right, they overestimate my age when I wear Indian outfits and underestimate it when I wear western outfits which have proven to a problematic experience for me in several places.


Image result for looking young memes
Yes exactly.It makes you feel small and big at the same time



Image result for looking young memes
Yes and I am actually going to turn 22 in five months time and I feel extremely old.I am already going through an existential crisis at the moment


I felt like I was in a dream when I entered the tent.Check out the pictures and the tour and you will know why:


The inside of my tent.I got a couples’ tent and I missed having a life partner at that moment



This is how the tent looks like at night and that lamp was the only piece of lighting inside the whole tent.I don’t feel guilty for posting a picture of an ultra messy room because I have never seen anyone on this planet keep their room clean once they get settled into the hotel room.Well, if you do then I would like to applaud your level of consideration towards the room service guys.



The entrance to the toilet cum bathroom of the tent



The toilet part of the tent.This lamp is the only piece of lighting in the entire room



The bathroom part of the tent


I thought I should get some sleep but I was tempted to go on the adventure activities and the water sports after lunch.Enjoy the picture spam-:


The aesthetically appealing dining hall of the tent



The dining arrangement.The food had so much variety and it was excellent.But I was way too hungry to take pictures and post them and for me, the need to eat food always overrules everything else.



This is how the tents looked like from the outside



The Jal Mahotsav watercrafts bazaar



The Jal Mahotsav food stalls



Food stalls of the Jal Mahotsav




Watercrafts bazaar



That is me riding an ATV bike.Trust me I felt like Hulk after taking the bike on six rounds and riding one for the first time ever.




Bungee jumping.Will post the full video later along with the vlogs.


Jet Ski ride.The best by far of all the adventures.The wind was blowing with full force and the tide was at its peak.The Narmada river smelt and felt so good.



Splashing water and wading through the waves.The water looks really polluted.I really don’t understand humans is keeping the environment clean so hard like seriously?
The banks of the river Narmada



A close-up view of the Jet Ski



I am surprised how I didn’t fall from this position



Bullock cart ride for free



Bullock cart ride for free



Getting all set to parasail.It was over land on a jeep.I expected it to be scary and thrilling but it totally wasn’t which left me pretty disappointed.


Screenshot (99).png




The #eveningvibes of the place



Foggy picture of paramotoring.It was extremely overpriced and I felt like it wasn’t worth it.



I napped for about two hours after all these adventures, went for dinner, went back to my tent to return the zillion phone calls from my parents, spoke to them for more than an hour, checked and uploaded all my activities for the day on social media.These days if you don’t do that, it means it never happened.I really appreciate those people who don’t feel the need to post everything they did on social media. If you are one of them give yourself a pat on the back as you ought to be proud of the level of self-control you have!

There was a live concert by some band(whose name I still don’t know and never bothered finding out either) at 10pm.I know I deserve a few punches and kicks but I was too engrossed in having fun.There were only two middle-aged couples and one couple in their thirties other than me and one of the main event organizers(who was also middle-aged).I missed my peers during this performance.They performed all the latest Bollywood songs and I was thinking how much more fun it would have been if my friends were with me considering the amount of noise we would have made and we would have danced until we dropped.


Screenshot (94)
I captured this from my micromax phone.Bad photography I know.I don’t have a fancy phone or camera that can capture good pictures at night



Screenshot (95)
Another picture of the concert.It is dark and the picture is extremely unclear so you cannot see the faces of the band members anyway.


Then the couples started dancing and I sat in my seat clueless when the anchor asked me to join.I told her I didn’t have a dance partner and she offered to be my dance partner.They performed old and new Bollywood tunes which we all grooved to.

After the performance, I decided to enjoy the night breeze by the river Narmada.Madhya Pradesh has one of the most amazing weathers.Their winters are pleasant and enjoyable even at night, unlike the harsh Delhi winter where I feel like I have ice instead of bones in my body.I spent more than an hour trying to capture a good picture of these beautiful lights at night but failed miserably as these were the best shots I could manage.I don’t own a phone that has renowned camera quality.I guess some moments are better enjoyed in real life.


Captured on my Nikon point and shoot camera



Captured on my Micromax canvas


I am not sure what I did that night.Nope, I swear I didn’t drink anything the place blew me of my senses.I vividly remember texting some of my friends for several hours at night as I was unable to communicate with them through the day.I don’t think they stayed up all night waiting for my response, it is just that during vacations no one ever sleeps early.Other than that I don’t remember what else I did but all I know is that I didn’t sleep as I was living a dream in real life.Unlike other dreams, this dream would have faded if I had slept.


18 Replies to “One woman adventure 1 :Part 2”

  1. You got a typical Asian problem hahaha… I find it adorable really. I know it can be a hassle sometimes but it’s still better than being mistaken for an old lady when in fact you are just in your 20s. I know people who revel in the fact that they are in their 40s and still get mistaken to be in their 20s.

    I had to laugh when I saw your room because I experienced this also, I mean having a room with 2 beds and I was alone. It can be weird haha… I haven’t stayed in a tent though, I think this is what we call glamping or camping in style. I wanna try that too. The restroom is so hipster-ish, I love it!


    1. I know right !Yes exactly,I kind of felt a void seeing an empty bed lol.Thank you so much you must experience it sometime it is totally worth it.The rest room was different from all the other rest rooms I have seen in my whole life


  2. This Jal-Mahotsav seems fun. It exactly reminds me of my accommodation in Allahabad during the Maha Kumbha Mela which was also in similar tents in a mela area near a water source. I must earmark this for next year. Its good that you went alone and were able to relax and see this little place at your own pace.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your tent looks awesome! And yeah I can totally relate about people thinking you’re younger. It used to annoy me but as a 30-something woman, this is a compliment now 😀 also is this a yearly festival? Looks rad!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. i guess you had a real satisfying outing wherein the experience overwhelmed the expectation. The staff seems to have cared for the small needs too , any specific reason for this festival ??


  5. Thats a wonderful trip and an inspiration for me who has not travelled solo so far. The tent looks cool and neatly tucked. I also had a recent experience staying in a tent in Jaisalmer desert. It is a very different experience than the rest and one must go for it at least once

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You really had fun! But please don’t feel extremely too old at the age of 22,,, please consider my age,hehhehe….
    You’re not alone for taking photos of those messy bed. I do that, too. Because the first thing that I do when I see bed is to embrace it and fall asleep specially after coming from long journey.


  7. I’m proud of you for traveling on your own and as a woman! And it doesn’t help when people think you’re much younger than you really are. They think you need help all the time. Doesn’t that suck? Hahaha. I myself look a decade younger when wearing casual outfit. 😀


  8. It’s great for you to have those adventures by yourself! I bet they were truly empowering even if some of them can be classified as “misadventures”. I think not just because you’re young, but being a woman also plays a part. It’s not a usual practice all over the world — but that’s what makes it even more special

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  9. Harini, you are at it again, aren’t you? Expressing yourself through pics and giving out a relaxed appeal to your post! One of the pic talks about the showing id card at 22 years to avoid looking suspiciously young, well that happens to me most of the time at 32! Thanks for bringing a smile on my face while reading!


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