Hello everyone, you are now reading the first part of the one woman adventure series.Welcome to season 1 I can’t call it a chapter because this ain’t a book, I can’t call it an episode either because this ain’t a tv show so I am going to call this just ‘part’ because they haven’t invented words in a dictionary for a blog post series.You guys have been begging me for decades for videos of my adventure sports so I would like to officially inaugurate my new youtube channel for the same but the adventure videos will be out in the next post.I got several questions most of it is centered on convincing my parents mainly and a few other things which I shall address in a separate post later.So NOW SHOOT!

6th December 2017


Image result for chennai airport


11 pm-I leave for Chennai airport and find it almost empty.This was my best airport experience ever.There wasn’t a single person ahead of me in the check-in queue.

7th December 2017

12:30 am-This drink is a hybrid of several different drinks.I am not mentioning its name.So leave your guesses in the comments section below.There isn’t any point of guessing the answer because I am too poor to give you anything but if you want to boost your own self-esteem go ahead and do it.

I was suffering from a cold prior to the trip and this drink magically cured it even though it was ice cold

The flight experience was terrible.I got stuck in between the seat handles and there wasn’t enough space for me to even put my legs leave alone stretching my legs.The person in front of me kept pushing his seat back despite my million requests asking him not to.


This is exactly how my position was on the flight considering the lack of space.


I was curled up in a ball throughout the flight and my spine felt like it was in 2 pieces by the time I got off.Why have airlines become so body unfriendly these days?They don’t understand the existence of tall and plus sized humans, their seats only cater to the comfort of smaller sized humans.SSShh, if you’re a fitness blogger/a person obsessed with fitness don’t ask me to hit the gym I totally hate that place and I hate the body unfriendliness .The jet airways food was terrible surprisingly.


Image result for fat humans in flights
Airlines these days have also become influenced by the media and fashion industry because their seats designed to cater to the comfort of smaller sized people.



Image result for jet airways
Image source: Cleartrip.Jet airways need to make their seats more size friendly.


I thought it would be a hassle for me to get from the arrival to the departure terminal of the Mumbai airport but it was only one escalator away.But the check-in queue there was overflowing like the Nile River.Stood there for about 45 minutes.

I clicked some pictures at the airport because I was bored and I drained my battery-:




But after every bad experience follows a good experience and I got to experience the magnificent international terminal of Mumbai airport.I had pav bhaji and cutting chai for breakfast at 5 am.All those Indians out there must be wondering ‘This woman is probably out of her mind to eat pav bhaji for breakfast’.Because pav bhaji is usually eaten as an evening snack and sometimes for lunch or dinner but never for breakfast.Yes but if jet airways can go out of their minds forget that the universe also consists plus sized people then why can’t I go out of my mind and eat pav bhaji?


The street food at Punjab Grill restaurant



Notice the design of the lamps


You aren’t doing breakfast wrong by having pav bhaji



Cutting chai or chai in a mud pot


I then went downstairs to explore an art exhibition-:










After which I boarded an Air India flight to Indore.Even though the seats were big and they had cushions I still was dissatisfied because

Image result for air india

1.They woke me up five minutes after I slept just to feed me with a sandwich which would fill the tummy of an ant


Image result for tiny sandwich
Photo: Pinterest.Air India gave me one sandwich 


2.I was unlucky enough to get a seat which didn’t have a tv screen(On air India flights only some seats have tv screens which I think is completely unfair).


Image result for seat without a tv screen on a flight
SADNESS is when every other seat on your flight has a tv screen and yours doesn’t



My destination was Indore in Madhya Pradesh.Why didn’t I take a direct flight from Chennai to Indore?Because all flights were 12 hours long and I bet no person in their right minds would want to waste so much money and eventually so much time just to sit on a plane.You can go to a film shooting studio near you for free and do that, besides the thing I hate the most about travel is airplanes.

Indore airport wasn’t so bad after all.It looked far better than Chennai domestic airport and it was WAY better than the international terminal of Chennai airport.Usually, the smaller cities of India don’t have such high-quality airports.



Image result for indore airport
Indore airport.Image could not capture pictures of the airport because my phone got too tired of my clicking stuff at Mumbai airport


My cab driver was waiting for me and I marveled at the roads, the cleanliness, and peacefulness of Indore.I am going to consider moving there sometime in the future.I felt a sense of safety and security throughout the 4-hour long journey.Take a look at the Indore roads and excuse me for the bad photography, it was all captured while in motion.





I drove through some of the most remote villages of Madhya Pradesh and the drive through the smooth scenic roads with some upbeat Bollywood music more outweighed the horrendous flight experiences.






Tried some local MP cuisine at the midway.I had vada sambar too but my biological needs overrule all other needs hence I was too hungry to capture a picture to post it on social media.



The fields in the villages.



This post may not be very interesting as a whole but all the exciting parts will be up in my next post so stay tuned for part 2 of the series.






45 Replies to “One woman adventure 1:Part 1”

  1. I am small-size, but I still hate it when there’s no leg space in an airplane. About eating pav bhaji, you got a point, lol. Actually, this post is very interesting for me. I like reading stories that clearly has the voice of the writer. And you are funny so it is very entertaining.


  2. I better follow up with the series, I’m sure going to have a good laugh reading the other series. Sorry about your flight experiences. Your pictures of the road are gorgeous even while you took them in motion!


  3. Sounds like a really interesting adventure so far! All the flight hassles aside, I love the idea of road tripping across such spectacular terrain to Bollywood tunes…must have been fun!


  4. An interesting post! I am on the lookout for the next post in this series! I have been to Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh and I have to admit, I liked all these places! There’s a lot of charm and cleanliness in these cities which makes them livable and lovable. Indore airport is small but very hygienic. I liked Jabalpur airport as well. I think you should plan a trip to Jabalpur as well!


  5. Such a pity to hear about your bad experiences with the tight seats in the flight. It is a pity and a shame that this is still an issue, also the sandwhich sounds (looks) quite disappointing.
    Travelling means also the flight to your destination and therefor also this part of the journey should be a great experience.
    But at least you also had your good experiences with the pav bhaji breakfast, this is great to hear!
    Excited about Part 2 already 🙂


  6. Ahhh, another country in Asia that I have to get to. India looks amazing. I love to use internal flights around Asian countries. I haven’t checked out Air India or Jet airways before but it looks like their prices match their service. Happy New Year.


  7. Sounds like you are on a wonderful adventure, pav bhaji, and cutting chai is my kind of breakfast. Enjoy your journey and look forward to reading more. Love the photos


  8. I have had some of my best travel experiences when visiting India. I hope that your trip turns around for you and you have the opportunity to have some of those same experiences. Start saving sky miles and get yourself into a comfier seats. That always helps me start and end my trip nicely. 🙂


  9. Oh thanks for the info about the Mumbai Terminal. I have a 20 hour layover there next week and I can’t enter India as I have to have a visa (and I refuse to pay for 20h) LOL. Definitely need a couple drinks that night! 🙂


  10. Ah your post took me right back to the first time I went to India, over 8years ago. I also enjoy not having to wait in long at the airport and being able to walk straight through. Hopefully you can save up enough points to be up graded to business with better seats and more food


  11. I can completely relate to your flight experience. I generally have issues with the leg space and that’s very inconvenient. Pav Bhaji and cutting chai for breakfast is not a bad idea. I love Pav Bhaji and I’ve had it in breakfast many times. The art gallery is quite impressive especially those earthen pots and the huge gates with rustic touch. That sandwich ‘which would fill the tummy of an ant’ really made me laugh. Airlines can do much better than this. Indore seems to be a beautiful place and the food looks tempting. I must plan my visit someday. It looks like you had a great time in the city despite of all the bad experiences in flight. Looking forward to part two of the post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I eventually did have a great time in the city and it is one of cleanest and most peaceful cities in India.I have realized that now that pav bhaji can make a good breakfast dish too.The worst part is that I was extremely sleep deprived and they made me lose my sleep for something that is totally not worth it


  12. blog post series is such a cool concept I like the name episodes lol Your post made me laugh several times when I connected with idea that they have small seats and feeding pavbhaji in morning or sandwich for ants lol, you wrote your feelings out . I bet the rest of the trip was awesome will check out the next episode for sure till then I am craving for that Indore cuisine too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Damn! I am sorry to hear that you had a terrible flight experience. It’s a failure on the part of airlines that they are unable to make seats body friendly. At 6 feet, 1 inch, I am tall too and face similar problems while flying.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I can so relate to your feeling about the size-friendliness of airlines. Being tall, I am always squeezed in as most of these flights have so less leg space!
    And Indore is quite peaceful and nice. Waiting for the next part.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. This is a really interesting series that you have come up with. Whatever you call it – a chapter, an episode, it is an interesting creative writeup for me. Totally agree with you – airlines have become so body unfriendly these days. I am short and petite so I don’t feel as constrained but my husband is 6 ft tall and he really feels so cramped on long flights. wish they realized something about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Only few airlines have wide seats and have sufficient leg space for tall people.I am quite bulky as well so most of the flight journeys prove to be a hassle for me.The low cost airlines are particular are extremely body unfriendly


  16. does look like the start of an epic trip , gonna read the remaining parts . The flight was indeed long seeing how you covered it but then u used the night hours so i guess that was a positive . Mumbai airport is glitzy and i recognized some familiar locations 🙂


  17. Its very rare to have no one in front of you in the check-in queue. That itself is such a stress buster. Chennai’s airport luckily is not so big to be wandering to your plane. Next time you are spending time at the Chennai airport, do go to the Plaza Premium lounge. Depending on your credit/debit card you get free/25 Rs lounge access with free food/quiet lounge to spend time.

    One of my other friends also recently made it to this airport exhibition in Bombay. Its very rare for an airport to hold an exhibition.

    So where are you off to in this trip?


  18. Too bad about the seat experience. I too love to have pav bhaji in breakfast 😀 Let us give company to each other over this some time.
    Miniature food is the trend these days , Jet Airways is following the trend I guess. Loved reading your blog filled with humour.


  19. Wow, I have just created my YouTube channel as well, and congrats for finally owning one. Anyway, I love that you have elucidated the differences between episode and series, which I think you’ve started this part of your adventure great. You seemed to have fun filled flying experience all by yourself. I’m sure that you were excited to finally do this for the first time.


  20. i cant wait to read the second part of your adventure. i admire how you still keep positivity despite some minor misadventure. i hope it wont happen next time so you can truly enjoy your travel


  21. That was an interesting start with those weird flight experiences but followed by amazing drive through the villages of MP. I couldn’t guess the drink though, what was it? Finally I must say that living in Thailand, I am missing all those chaats and snacks of MP. Sad. I am jealous of you.


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