What’s better than selling your passion ?

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Hey fellow eartheans !My two month long vacation from Miss Talking feet has finally ended and I m back to work,read on to know what motivated me.

I am still a kid who’s yet to master even the level 1 tasks of adulting plus studying makes me really tired and I have become a human version of a polar bear in hibernation.I ll do a post on what I did on my vacation later because this is a travel blog isn’t it ?


Anyway getting back to the point,this isn’t a travel blog related post this time because I want you guys to check out something else, something really amazing and worth dedicating an entire blog post for.

If you’re an artist in any sense and you have products to sell this is where you should be.If you’re not you can still be here it’s fine because you need to show this post to your friends and for all you know you may unleash the artist in you one day.

Anyway ,a friend of mine has started this website named Artists Hive.Its a website where you can sell your creations be it a piece of artwork,a craftspiece,a sculpture,a music album anything .This way you will be doing something you’re passionate about and at the same time you ll get some bucks for it as well.So what more could you ask for ?


What are you doing peeps ?Go ahead ,create something and visit www.artistshive.com,register as an artist and sell it.

Do you want more colourful walls in your home and are you like me who enjoys staring at art work for hours together ?Go and buy something to decorate it.

You can buy and sell things here digitally as well as in the material form.

They have competitions regularly and you can win some fabulous prizes by participating in those competitions .They host events at the beaches in Chennai where they have young budding artists displaying their artworks.Do check them out if you drop in at any of the beaches for a sunday morning walk.

So whoever you are please don’t forget to visit the website and do stay tuned on my post about this 2 month long vacation .

Some pictures of the website-:




Screenshot (5)


See ya !Bye 🙂


14 Replies to “What’s better than selling your passion ?”

  1. I want to become that bear too… and live in the wildlife with no bills to pay… :)))

    and good to come up with the idea of Artist’s Hive… now, I have to think, what is my passion that can give me back money soon… 🙂


  2. I happen to love art, but not in a snobbish, elitist kind of way, if you know what I mean, haha…So I find this very interesting. Never heard of artistshive before so I am definitely checking it out after I write this comment. It’d be interesting to see or maybe own a piece from some artists there. Not sure if I could make one and sell it there but who knows.


  3. I so laughed at the meme about bears. Haha. But seriously, I wasn’t aware of this Artist’s Hive thing but, as a long-term traveler and creative, I think this might be handy soon. It’s wonderful to know that becoming a digital nomad is becoming much easier over the years.


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