I have a maintained a record in getting a separated INDIVIDUALLY from the group of friends/cousins/parents/relatives/strangers during every trekking trip I have ever been to in my whole life.

I got lost during my recent trip to Malaysia too but this time it wasn’t during a trek. I got wander lost due to the LUST which a certain place gave me. Hence, it’s altogether a different story.

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While my dad was having a chat with one of our cab drivers on our first day in Kuala Lumpur he told us to visit a place called ‘Putrajaya’ on our last day there before going to the airport. Apparently, it is a popular destination among tourists.

We went to Langkawi after going to Kuala Lumpur and then headed back home. Since, there’s no direct flight to India from there and we had a stopover at Kuala Lumpur. The length of our stopover was six hours which made us realize that we were left with plenty of time to visit Putrajaya.

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I don’t plan on doing a blog post on Langkawi as a lot of other travel bloggers have done a great job in summing up about the place and my experience there was totally smooth.If you would like to know what I did at Langkawi follow, stalk me on Instagram and I promise that I will stalk you back as this is something I do all the time irrespective of how busy I am. If you would like detailed information I have attached the links to blog posts by other travel bloggers at the end of this post which I have read and really liked so do check it out. But I would like to show you a few snaps-:

One of the view points on the cable car ride
God I had to climb a ZILLION staircases to get here it was a trek indeed. The Langkawi sky bridge
Sunset at the Cenang beach

Our flight from Langkawi reached luckily and no delays or mishaps on the way. I didn’t know what Putrajaya was I thought it would be a park or an island with full of sites. It took us 45 minutes to reach there and the first sight took my breath away. Okay, I have talked too much now and it’s time for you to enjoy the pictures before I tell you how I got lost.

Putrajaya 1
Putrajaya is a locality in Kuala Lumpur. Picture taken from the car as soon as I entered



putrajaya 28
In the beginning it looked boring but things got better as we went ahead


Putrajaya 3
Look at these buildings and these flowers. So aesthetic
Putrajaya 4
Those were a group of tourists from an Indian tour bus. They got off. That bridge you can see there made me sing ‘I am love with the shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran.No this isn’t a red carpet the footpath is painted red.
Putrajaya 5
Picture of the bridge clicked from the car
IMG_20170710_141736511-2 (1)
Putrajaya lake
Putrajaya lake part 2
Putrajaya lake part 3
I took this picture from the car when the sky was ultra cloudy so you can’t see clearly but the thing you see over there is a flower vase .I saw several of these in Putrajaya and I request my fellow Indian buddies to join me in a mission to set this stuff in India too.
putrajaya 18
Putrajaya mosque
A closer view of the mosque. It closed down before I could even go inside.
Flags from different parts of the world in front of the mosque


putrajaya 23.jpg
Captured from a wider angle


I captured pictures of the lake again from another spot. View of the Putrajaya mosque from the lake
IMG_20170710_141827164-2 (1)
So much greenery
Not my best photography



Putrajaya 10.jpg
The Malaysian parliamentary building


The house of the Malaysian president(A Sultan)



putrajaya 27.jpg
A closer view of what the house looks like .I went much  closer than this but there were a lot of photo bombers in the picture I took.


putrajaya lake
I am super obsessed with Putrajaya lake
Putrajaya lake garden
You can actually take a cruise along this lake which I would have taken for sure if I had time and had known about it earlier


putrajaya 13.jpg
I don’t know what this is and I didn’t bother finding out either but I love this arch to the moon and back


Our initial plan was to do Kuala Lumpur and Penang. We planned to go to Penang by bus or train.But my friend who visited Malaysia just before I did told me wonderful things about Langkawi which prompted some research on both the places and a comparison. After which, I realized that this holiday would be more diverse if we did Langkawi as Penang was also a city just like Kuala Lumpur.

Langkawi is a quiet and tranquil island which is filled with the most beautiful beaches and natural scenery. I know that a lot of you would recommend the ferry route but considering the short duration of our trip we realized that it wouldn’t be feasible(it takes 4-6 hours to get to the ferry points from KL and another one and a half ride by the ferry).Hence, we went for the flight route.

Since we didn’t book everything on the same ticket, we couldn’t get our luggage transferred to the Kuala Lumpur to the Chennai(India) flight hence we had to collect our luggage and do a check in again. Which meant that we had to rent a cab at the airport and someone had to be near the car all the time to take care of our belongings since cab drivers may not necessarily be very trust worthy.


Another Langkawi picture



There was lake garden at Putrajaya which took my breath away immediately. After clicking some pictures I walked down the stairway and told my dad that I shall be back there soon. Here are some pictures and without my realization at that time this is where my adventure started-:



putrajaya 11
The stair case to the lake garden
putrajaya 24
Time to post a #sunset picture on Instagram. I don’t understand why everyone(me included) are obsessed with posting only sunset and not sunrise pictures. I am one of the very few old(1/5th of my life is over) people in the universe who is not a morning person
putrajaya 12
That spot had stone chairs and tables .I would love to sit here and have a mini party
Stair case goals
putrajaya 15
This is practically how the entire garden looked like

I decided to go under this bridge and I knew I would go back up by another stair way from where I thought I would have had to go straight to reach where my dad was waiting but I was totally wrong. Check out these  pictures and read on.

This is the bridge I went under from the right side
Putrajaya bridge
Reached the other side of the bridge




At this point I had to stop thinking that everything was normal and start worrying lol



When I climbed a stairway and walked straight there was no sign of my dad anywhere and international roaming failed to get activated as I mentioned in my earlier blog post A series of unfortunate events before a fortunate travel.

The Malaysian sim I bought was inserted into a basic phone that we use for emergency which I left behind in the cab. Hence, calling my dad wasn’t an option. The only option I had was to approach the locals for help.

I spotted four teenage girls who I approached for help but they were extremely indifferent. All they did was just laugh at my Indian accent when I first spoke to them. They were completely preoccupied with clicking selfies and posting them on Instagram and Facebook. Even though one girl did seem helpful in the end and ultimately gave me her phone and the call failed when I dialled my father’s number. I shouldn’t have approached them in the first place but despite having a psychology degree my psychological senses wouldn’t work considering the spur of that moment.


Explaining my situation through my illustration


I then saw a tourist bus parked and I asked the bus driver for his phone.

Image result for bus driver clipart

When I dialled the number it again failed. I then explained to him about my situation and then he asked me if I went under the bridge.

When I replied ‘yes’ he told me that I have landed on the opposite side of the staircase from which I entered the garden.

I then crossed the road and I could see stair case located a distance and I walked towards it but then my dad wasn’t there . I then asked a lady who was passing by if there was another stair case on the same side of the road and where it was. She pointed towards a direction and the worst part is that the staircases in Putrajaya are very distantly placed.

Finally, I could see the cab from a distance and I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw my dad in the car. Apparently, he had gone searching for me in the garden but he didn’t go under the bridge else we would have spent the entire time searching for each other.

We reached the airport much before time. So much that we had time to repeatedly attempt to get our bags checked in online despite the fact that it failed several times owing to some error in scanning my passport. The KL airport has several sets of check in queues with alphabets A-Z(each for different countries and airlines).We stood in the set V queue for about half an hour and my dad then realized that it was the queue for Vietnam and Cambodia. I then enjoyed a wholesome meal at star bucks after checking in my luggage  and did a lot of window shopping too.

I maybe very clumsy and careless sometimes but that’s what gives me stories to narrate.

I have read several blog posts but Langkawi but here are the links to two of my favourite blog posts about Langkawi by two other amazing travel bloggers. Please do read it to know more about the place-:




Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post !





24 Replies to “Wanderlost”

  1. Nice post about Putrajaya, it is gaining recognition as a tourist-place although it is a business-place which explains the proximity from the airport and a dedicated highway. Also, there are seven types of architecture, each representing one of the states of Malaysia or something like that. I visited this place sometime before on my way back to Singapore.
    Waiting for your post on KL.


  2. Hi, often get lost as well so I’m glad its not just me. Your pictures are stunning the sunset on the beach is wonderful. No doubt you will look back at these with many fond memeories.


  3. I felt sorry for you when I started reading the article. But gradually, I realized that even getting separated from the group can turn into an exciting experience! I have a thing for sunsets and i loved the one that you showed here. Kuala Lumpur is a great place to get wanderlost isn’t it?


  4. That was quite a story and I bet your dad was happy to see you too ☺
    My husband and me (we live in Northern Europe, Finland) were on our honeymoon in Malaysia and Thailand. In Malaysia we were on a tour and visited Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Cameron Highlands among others. Totally loved it!


  5. “When I climbed a stairway and walked straight there was no sign of my dad ” hahahah! I can imagine this scene tho, like a series of tv show! It’s cute! Upon reading your story, I felt a similar story of my own. I also got lost somewhere in Kota Kinabalu but I was alone so I had to figure out myself how to get back! Getting lost means more fun adventures! And then we learn and laugh it off! Xx


  6. Oooh! What if you had really got lost!
    Some people have this knack of getting lost. My husband is one of them. 😀 😀
    I should be careful if we ever get there.


  7. What a story! That’s why you should always bring something like a map or buy a country sim card. It will really help you during those times. Luckily, you both were still able to catch your plane on time xD


  8. Wow that was quite an adventure. I too get lost or left behind from my family/ friends sometimes as I’m busy clicking pictures of places around. My sister and I almost got lost when we visited Jordan cause I was clicking pics on some off beaten place, but luckily we found our group. Like the famous quote goes not all those who wander are lost. I’m glad you found your Dad and made it on time for your flight!


  9. ahaha I love that illustration! Your way of story-telling is so adorable. I’m glad you found each other in the end.


  10. Great post and you have covered it well with pictures. I loved the footpath painted RED. Cool concept, makes everyone feel like celebrity huh ? Glad you could find you dad easily 🙂


  11. Truly, you’ve made a great time when you were given a chance to visit Langkawi. Anyway, though you were lost, but it lead you to amazing and beautiful scenery which I guessed you truly have enjoyed. I haven’t been to KL and other part in Malaysia, hopefully soon when I get the chance. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, in which have give me lesson as well.


  12. you really seem to be an expert at getting lost. But if the town is as beautiful as this Malaysian one, I would get lost as well in it’s beauty I guess. Sometimes actually it is so fun and interesting to just wander around without bothering where we are headed and just enjoying the beauty around us.


  13. well lucky you that all went well and that time was on your side else with the check in that you described , one would have been in a tight spot . Lovely pics of the lake and the garden worth some cool visuals .


  14. I thought at first that it was a red carpet haha.. Turns out it’s just a paint. I haven’t been to Langkawi, but I see how you mean about not wanting to write about it. I do have those moments in which I went to a very popular place and I’m like wondering what else I could write about it when many bloggers have already done the job.

    Your doodles of the girls who were taking selfies are actually cute and funny haha… You should make more of them.

    I can relate because I get lost, a damn lot. I’m the one who would go with a map and yet still gets lost somewhere along the way, it’s both funny and frustrating really.


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