Street Photography Challenge day 8:A journey without a destination

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Disclaimer:This post is going to full of pictures from moving trains and buses.I don’t know if I am the only one who can’t click good pictures from a moving vehicle.If I am not then yay !If I am then you need to educate me as I have special needs.This picture was clicked inside a metro train.

Hey guys !I know I am a week late with this post.My internet connection has been behaving like a person who just suffered from a severe case of alcohol poisoning.It keeps going on and off just like how the patient would go in and out of conscious.So,I’d better post before this thing becomes unconscious again.So,on day 8 I decided not to decide where to go.Instead,I would just hop into random buses and trains and go where it took me.Because,as per some random quote beautiful paths are discovered only when you get lost and I decided to test how true that held.

At this point,I am going to pass the mike over to my pictures and they will do all the talking throughout this post.

I just walked to the bus stop and jumped on to the first bus that came.I decided that I would get down at the final destination of this bus.Oh no!Forget that such a movie even existed.Take an eraser and rub the word ‘final destination movie series’ off your brains now.Oh and this is the inside of a Chennai bus.It was relatively empty I would not have been able to click pictures if it was crowded.
Metro rail construction has been going forever and ever in this area blocking all the traffic
Chennai metro rail construction seats part 2
For those not from India there is no silk saree shop anywhere close to this place.So don’t post in the comments section saying I should have gone to the saree shop and posted a picture of myself in that elegant Indian outfit.Wait for that another time.
Heaven in the Indian context
Don’t ask me what’s written there.I don’t know how to read Tamil despite being in Tamil Nadu for the last 10 years.
The entry gate to Chennai’s most expensive and luxurious hotel-ITC Grand Chola.This is one of the popular accomodation options for celebrities and other famous people.Hence,the police protection.To see the picture of the hotel scroll down further.
This is not a car parking.Trust me this is actually a bus stand.Don’t get fooled
This is where the bus dropped me off.The Guindy metro railway station.Chennai metro has two lines so far-the green line and the blue line.The green line metro stations opened 2 years back while a few stations from the blue line came up a few months back.Hence,I thought I ll try out the blue line from end to end.I have travelled by the green line to and fro twice.
View of the Chennai local train from the metro parking lot.Local train shouldn’t be mistaken for metro.Metro is more posh and has great infrastructure
The aeroplane there is symbollic of my dreams and desires as well as my current situation in a way
Should I use the escalator or climb up the stairs ?
Never mind I ll just climb up the stairs.That way I will be done with my workout for the day
Wohoo !The train has arrived and I got into the metro train.This the view of the station platform from the train.
I messed up the order of the pictures.This picture was supposed to come before the previous one.But,my internet connection isn’t in the mood to upload media at the moment so you will have to make do with this.Its too late to throw tomatoes at me right now.The La Tomatina festival in Spain is over for this year so wait until next year.
Doors are closing.I need to capture a picture before they close at my face
Its the 1st of july already ?What am I doing with my life ?I realised that I had a long list of things planned for my 4 month long vacation and I have less than a quarter of the activities ticked.Oh yeah !I m in an empty compartment 
The compartment next to mine is also empty
Crowd level in the metro at the moment
Yes,this the ITC Grand Chola hotel.The one I was talking about in one of my previous pictures with the  police protection.It looks like a palace built by the Chola empire as it resembles a building of Chola architecture.Hence,the name ITC Grand Chola.
Scenery capturing from the window begins
Woah !Which place on earth am I in ?Am I really travelling through Chennai ?I don’t remember Chennai being this beautiful
I really wish I could relive this second over and over again
Darkened on purpose to highlight the trees outside
So much colour from a distance.So faded from nearby
Don’t get manipulated by my pictures.The sky wasn’t really that colour.It was burning like hell
I want more natural scenery
Le Royal Meridien Hotel-Chennai.
Le Royal Meridien hotel captured from another angle.The internet connection decided to lose consciousness at the perfect timing-when I was uploading my favourite shots of the day.Hence,I couldn’t upload them at all and here is the same picture from a different angle.Capturing pictures from a different angles is like looking at an object or approaching something from several different perspectives.I am just trying to make up for what I couldn’t do through my captions.
Chennai airport runway
Blurry picture taking time.I like the yellow building though
I want to go for a hike.Anyone coming ?
Can this train go backwards so that I can enjoy those green scenes again.I need a break from city life
Finally.Something that is slightly more inteteresting
Coconut trees.A reminiscence of my Sri Lanka trip 6 years ago
Green scenes are back again.Same caption applies to the previous picture.
There is an irony in this picture.If you’re able to find it do type it in the comments section.
The traffic scenario on Indian roads
Another metro train
Almost reached the last stop of this train-Chennai airport.
It’s time to get off.This is the departure terminal of the Chennai airport and look how gloriously the Indian national flag is mounted
One last click before saying goodbye
Clicking pictures from another angle

Guess what ?After this wonderful ride I did something really stupid.Each one way ticket costs 40 rupees.Instead of staying back in the same train(like all the other passengers did) I went down and bought a ticket.I wasted 40 Rupees.The train was going to go back the same way via the same place.I thought I shall enjoy the blissful moments of the train ride in the return journey .So didn’t take any pictures.I got off the last station of the blue line that is functioning.Only few stations have started functioning.No metro railway stations anywhere within 5 kms of my house have started functioning.

Metro is well developed in Kolkata,Mumbai and Delhi in India.It is on its final stage of construction in Bangalore.This metro ride reminded of the wonderful time I had during my visits to Singapore.As,we used metro there to get almost everywhere .

I clicked some pictures on my bus ride back home.So here take a look-:

Moderate traffic according to Indian standards
Imagine a renowned musician walking and playing guitar along these roads.I have been watching a lot of music videos lately with that kind of scenario.
Okay the traffic has reduced and the bus can finally move.
Thank goodness I am not on the other side
Oh no !I shouldn’t have said that.Its back again.When on earth am I going to reach home ?

I have been trying to upload this post everyday for the past 4 days but my favourite pictures would never upload.The first time I wrote this post in a cyber cafe and guess what ?I forgot to save it.

Anyway,I got a lot of ‘me’ time without any crowd and I could enjoy my own company.It was pure bliss.

I am heading on an international vacation in another 2 hours.So I’d better go.I hate to break this continuity but there isn’t going to be any street photography challenge posts for a while.I shall update day 9 and day 10’s post once I get back home from the holiday.

If you would like to tell me something you can do so by either commenting below or E-mail me.

If you’re interested in travelling with me follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for reading.See you soon !


31 Replies to “Street Photography Challenge day 8:A journey without a destination”

  1. It’s actually fun following you on these journey through your post. Very colourful photos. Waiting patiently for your next post.


  2. Great to see Chennai streets again through your blog. About the irony – was it that the traffic on the flyover was more than the main streets ? And I loved the tomatoes reference 🙂


  3. Before anything else, I would love to tell you that I like how poetic you’re when you right. I’m now in love with your photography skills. I like every single details of your photos, aside from they look so interesting, I find it truly stunning to just look at them with a matching perfect subject. I like how you put all the photos in this post. Keep shooting and thank you for sharing this with us.


  4. Great photos! I think you’ve really captured some excellent moments that fit really well with your theme. Unfortunate about having to pay another 40 rupees but I’m sorry to say it did make me chuckle. I’ve made many mistakes with taking public transport haha.


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