Street Photography Challenge day 7:Breakfast from the South Indian Streets

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I know I m back after a week of MIA.High speed internet has become a luxury here now.The last time I posted I forgot to save it and I had to retype the entire post.

Yay !I am finally getting internet connection to the level where I can upload media to wordpress so I am going to use this as a blog post opportunity.This will be a very short post though.

I have been seeing a lot of pictures of good food on Instagram lately and I thought India isn’t India without good food.So today was a day dedicated to food tasting.If you’re on a diet at the moment get away from here you’re going to be super hungry after looking at these pictures.If you want to continue reading and binge eat after that stay here.

I went to breakfast to my favourite and most popular restaurant for South Indian food,Sangeetha.I am going to show you what a typical South Indian breakfast looks like.

Salt and pickle.Welcome dishes at every table
Salt and pickle again
Indian normal water can.This is the kind of we natives drink.If youre not from India and visit please don’t drink this water at Indian restaurants as they have a high chance of giving you Delhi belly.
First dish of the day.Vadas with chutney(the red and white paste like dip and sambhar,the orange liquidy dip).
Dosa with sambhar
I want to make your mouth water more by placing both the dishes together
Filter cofee.You don’t get this type of cofee of this quality anywhere else in the world
Finally some lassi to sweeten up my day.The best way to describe a lassi in English is ‘Plain yogurt drink’.There was salted and sweet available.I wanted the salted one but he gave me the sweet one and I had to settle for it

The other two common types of South Indian breakfast dishes are :Idli and Upma

I would have posted a picture but my internet connection decides to make my life miserable again and last only for a few minutes .

Don’t ask me to go to my neighbor’s house ?I have tried every device in my house and every possible other place I can get to but nothing works.I think there’s a national internet crisis right now.

I am not a huge fan of desserts hence I didn’t order any and also I had to rush to another appointment

Just because I didn’t eat much don’t think I don’t have a voracious appetite it’s just that I was forced to eat oats in the morning
Okay guys,I m super sorry I know.I have a picture of the unedited version of lassi to show you guys but media would not upload beyond this point.So,I have to say see ya !

I m done with day 8 and day 9 but I will be back with the posts once media uploads decide to take place again.

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47 Replies to “Street Photography Challenge day 7:Breakfast from the South Indian Streets”

  1. Hey, Harini! Thank you for sharing some pictures — and for including the explanations/captions below each one! 😉 Otherwise, I would have been lost! Thanks for giving me a glimpse into your life, which is very different from my own. Keep up the adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whenever I get the chance to visit a new place, I always makes sure that I amble around and check their food and do street photography and food photography as well. I love all the Indian food that you have captured, some of them I’ve tried it already and some are new to me. They actually looks really luscious and so tempting. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


  3. Gotta love filter kaapi. I am so spoilt now that I don’t enjoy hot coffee in Baristas anymore ! Lovely breakfast that 🙂


  4. Growing up as an Indian in South Africa, we weren’t exposed to much of Indian food besides curries and breyani however, after traveling to India, I am in love with the cuisine – from Dosa sambar, to chole bature, to chaat and just everything! Mango lassi is my favourite!


  5. Ahh the notorious Delhi belly. I didn’t know what it meant the first time I heard of it but thanks to a few blog posts I have finally come to understand it. I can drink tap water, but only when I know that it is safe to drink. Since you discouraged us from drinking water in India then I won’t do it lol. I tried eating in an Indian restaurant once and I was surprised that I actually love the food. None of the food that you mentioned here I was able to try though.


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