Guess what ?My blog got nominated for the blue sky tag challenge by Crisly Zerrudo.Her blog Empowering and Uplifting is indeed wonderful.What are you doing ?Go check it out and subscribe.

Thank you so much for listing me as one of your 11 favourite bloggers, I am extremely overwhelmed and appreciative. As a part of this nomination I am supposed to answer a few questions and nominate 11 of my favourite bloggers for this challenge.

I don’t want to start by telling you what to do as I know it’s hard to take too much information,I am human too.

I am going to start with answering the questions I was asked as a part of the nomination before issuing instructions to my nominees and announcing who they are.

So here’s the Q/A-:

1.What fictional place would you like to go to?

I am going to have to go with Hogwarts school in Harry Potter. During my school days ,I was physically in school and mentally in Hogwarts .I used to be a big Potterhead back then.

Image result for hogwarts memes


2.What takes up too much of your time?

Daydreaming and going through other people’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Image result for daydreaming memes

3.What is the luckiest thing that has happened to you?

This may sound super weird to you if you’re not from India. But if you are, I’m pretty sure it will make a lot of sense to you.I consider being bad at math my biggest blessing(in disguise) until date. Because, the Indian society believes that I would be able to lead a ‘good and settled’ life only if I take up Engineering, Medicine or Accountancy. These are considered ‘high status’ professions. If I was good at math, my society would have pushed me into getting a degree in engineering and  a job placement through college. That way my life would have been a living prison and I would have never been able to follow my passion. According to statistics, India has more engineering graduates annually than the population of Australia.

Image result for engineering memes

4.What are your absolutely determined to do?

Create the kind of life that I have always wanted to live rather than the living the way others want me to live.

5.They say that everyone has a book in them. What would your book be about?

I’m super duper weird and eccentric. Not the kind of girl which society would ever expect to see. Hence, it would be about his rebellious girl who goes about living her life the way she wants to live rather than abiding by society’s unwritten rules about living life.

6.As the only human left on Earth, what would you do?

The only acceptable response I can give you is live in harmony with all the flowers and trees.

7.If you could convince everyone in the world to do one thing at one point in time, what would that thing be ?

Once again, creating their own lives and destiny rather than living by society’s expectations and trying to satisfy it. That is the only way one can unleash the greatness in themselves.

8.What irrational fear do you have?

I freak out every time I see an animal or an insect. I also have a fear of being in an enclosed space that is overcrowded.

9.What’s the best and worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Best piece of advice-You are the creator and the architect of your own life even though there will be several barriers and obstacles.

Worst piece of advice-Life is decided beforehand. Destiny is decided by fate so you have to accept the life that is decided for you and live it. You can’t decide the life you want to live.

10.When do you feel truly alive?

When I listen to good music

11.If you could make a 20 second phone call to yourself at any point in your life, present or future, when would you call and what would you say?

I would have made a call to my 16 year old self and asked her to get back up, be independent , live the way she wants to instead of trying to please people and trying to be liked by everyone. I used to be a dork back when I was 16 and I would want everyone to like me, I didn’t have opinions or ideas of my own at all. I believed that I had to obey what everyone else around me said. Sweet 16 was bitter 16 for me as that year was the worst point my whole life so far. It was good in a way though because that bitter experience has completely changed who I am as a person.

I really enjoyed answering these questions.

I have achieved two milestones now-:

1.My first blogger award nomination ever.

2.My first ever blogger Q/A session


So here are the rules for my nominees-:

1.Start by thanking the person who nominated(that’s me, of course).

2.Answer the 11 questions I give you at the end of this post.

3.Nominate 11 other people whose blogs you think are amazing

4.Give them 11 questions of your choice.

Finally,the moment you have all been waiting for.

So here are my nominees in no particular order-:

1.Bebe Shamo



4.Real housewives of faith

5.The unmarried stepmother

6.Unearth the voyage

7.Nano Queen

8.An elephant in the sky

9.Tiana’s web

10.We are Wit

11.Syeda Maham Riaz

Congratulations on the nomination !I love your blogs and hence I nominated you all.

If you’re reading this post do check out the blogs of these awesome people and subscribe to their blogs for regular updates on what they post. You can do so by clicking on their names in the above list.

These are the 11 questions I have for you guys-:

1.What is your biggest regret in life till date ?

2.Which existing movie do you feel is the best representation of your life so far ?

3.What it is about people that puts you off the most ?

4.What’s your biggest addiction ?

5.Which famous person do you think is the biggest inspiration till date ?

6.If a genie appeared in front of you and told you that you would be granted a superpower which one would you choose ?

7.Which international destination is number one on your travel bucket list at the moment ?

8.One day you suddenly learn that you have only 24 hours to live, how would you spend it ?

9.What do you consider your biggest achievement so far ?

10.What is it that you’re determined to do without fail before your life comes to an end ?

11.Lastly,what is the most valuable lesson that you feel life has taught you ?

Please do leave your name and link in the comments once you answer these questions. I really do hope you enjoy answering them . I can’t wait to hear your answers.

See you all again !





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