Street Photography Challenge day 6:An art glimpse walk.

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I know I promised I ll be back on Tuesday. Apologies for the delay,blame my internet connection which prevented me from uploading media.I assure you that I shall never make promises next time on wards,instead of giving you all a sense of false hope by telling you that promise to be on time.

I am done with half of the challenge and the response has been really overwhelming.Thank you all immensely for that !

What on earth am I up to ?Oh,I m sorry I forgot that you maybe reading my blog for the first time.So hi there!I m doing a 10 day street photography tour of my city Chennai which is located in the Southern most state of India,Tamil Nadu.I will be visiting random locations in my city,taking pictures and posting them on this blog.

So on 26th June 2017,I began the second half of my challenge.I am sure you guys are as tired as I am of the overcrowded traffic infested streets I have been showing you all this while.This time I decided to do something different.I googled ‘list of tourist attractions in Chennai’ to see what I can find.I found two interesting places both located in the outskirts of my city.

It was supposed to be a long and exciting day but it was cut short by the previous night.I got so drunk that I was knocked out.Aunty,uncle,mummy and daddy I m sorry if I gave you a heart attack.Please don’t die,I know it’s a taboo for girls to drink in India.The truth is,I don’t drink I was just joking.

I started binge watching You tube videos and I lost track of time.When I decided to go to bed I realized that it was time to wake up.Hence,I had only 4 hours of sleep and woke up at 10 am which meant that I could only leave my house by 11:30.So,I had to choose only one of them as I wouldn’t have been able to cover both fully within their closing hours.

Day-6’s challenge was relatively smooth and I didn’t encounter any hassle or mishap along the way or in my destination unlike the other days.This good and bad in a way;good because things were easier for me,bad because I don’t have an interesting story for you guys to laugh at or cringe at.

So,I decided to go to Cholamandalam Artists Village which is located about 40 kms away from my house.The other place I was talking about is Dakshin Chitra,it is about 10 kms farther away on the same road.I am an art aficionado,hence I chose arty places in the outskirts for a change.Besides,timing was perfect.These two are popular destinations for school field trips.Yesterday was a public holiday for Ramadan,so I wouldn’t have to worry about being disrupted by the clatter and loitering of noisy groups of school kids. I used to be one among such kids back in school.But it’s  just that right now I m more concerned about clicking pictures.

Anyway this artist’s village is located in the 800 km long  East Coast Road which connects Chennai with the Southernmost city in India, Kanyakumari.Initially I didn’t know if it was a very good idea to go to such an isolated place that is located so far.But everyday I am set out for a new adventure to conquer something and I had to do this.

East Coast Road is one of the most scenic roads in Chennai.I am glad it was a holiday else I would have been stuck in a traffic jam with the ‘Hotel California’ song playing on the radio.It’s a song by the band Eagles.Listen to it and you’ll know why I am making reference to this song.



When I entered the starting point of this road I passed through possibly every Indian and International chain of restaurants and branded clothing store that can possibly exist.I thought I would stop by a biryani restaurant for lunch and haagen-dazs for dessert post my visit.

Only one car on East Coast Road ?That’s a once in a blue moon phenomenon
Empty main roads are the best thing I can ever ask for in an Indian metropolitan city

This place was contradictory to my expectations.I expected it to be a mini village full of artisans and art galleries but that wasn’t the case.So the visit starts NOW -:

Board at the entrance of the village.I reached here in 30 minutes exactly.Perks of public holiday outings.
Another board displaying the fact that they completed a golden jubilee.
Another 50th anniversary display.This village was established in 1966.It’s 2017 now so I guess they are having an extended birthday celebration.
Welcome to Cholamandalam Artists village.Is this a forest or an arts center ?
The red gate you see on your right is the first gate I entered.Let’s go see what’s in there
Fancy houses eh ?
The list of sections of display items as soon as I entered the red gate.
This colourful booth or whatever this is that was perched in the entrance looked ultra attractive.
Capturing the same scene from different angles pretending like I have different things to show you
Close up picture of the rock sculpture you saw in the previous picture with the name of the sculptor written
The brick building is the indigo art gallery and the lane next to it is the International Sculpture Park.That’s where I decided to start off.
This sign was hoarded on the wall behind the one with the golden letters on the brick building
Welcome to the international sculpture park.
Let me get lost into this beautiful world
A close up of the sculpture of the man’s head that you see in the previous picture
Close up number one.I was too mesmerised by its beauty to find the label with the sculptor’s name
Close up number two
A gigantic Banyan tree.If you have read my previous post,you must have noticed my mentions about my photography skill level.Hence,I don’t have the skills required to capture such tall trees
Anyone want to come over here for a tea party ?I don’t know if that’s allowed though considering how clean and well maintained this place was.
The contents of the label on this sculpture had faded away.So let me write it out for you its Madanlal Jalkund,Granite and India.
Okay,I dont know what this is.Looks like all the sculptures in this museum are made of granite
Woah !Is this a rock or a sculpture ?
I took this picture on purpose even though the sleeping cats were kinda photobombing.I know you’re all going to be like ‘Oh my god !This is fricking cute’ because I have noticed that most of my readers are animal lovers.I personally dislike cats for some reason,I find them very annoying and I cannot tolerate them at all but tiny kittens are ultra cute though .But I do envy the fact that they are able to sleep anywhere and everywhere.
An owl by a sculptor named Vijayvelu from India.This owl was perched below the Banyan tree
This is supposedly the sculpture of the Indian lord Muruga who commuted on a peacock.But I don’t see any lord here I only see peacock.If you spot the lord let me know then I ll be aware that there’s something wrong with my vision.

Even though the international sculpture park was very small.It was extremely calm,serene,clean and peaceful.There was a dilapidated cafeteria there which looked out of place amidst the beautiful scenery.I forgot to capture a picture of it.My bad !

Meanwhile in the backside of the same banyan tree

I was the only person there and I loved it that way.

I then proceeded to the other pathway to see what it had to offer.

The scenery is raising my expectations
Taking the next pathway.Let’s see what this has to offer.The signboard says the Golden Oriole Cultural Center.
Turns out that it is an auditorium where cultural events are held.


The golden oriole auditorium.The glass door you can see is the entrance to the indoor auditorium where cultural events are held
Close up view of the sculpture.I would have loved to see this painted in color.
The white paper cup you see in this pond is the only contamination in this entire place.I want to find who littered so that I can throw a brick at him/her.India is pretty dirty and when there is one clean place in the country someone contaminates it.
View from the auditorium shed.
Another rock sculpture.I don’t know what this means.It is by Peter Pasckiwiez it is made of Granite and is from Austria.It is called stone.
Another rock sculpture


This scripture by Suresh Kumar is called Mounds of Seeds.I don’t know what this is about don’t ask me.I didn’t really bother to read it.
This reminds me a lot of Stonehenge in United Kingdom for some reason
Dish donkers lol.Not really sure what that means though.
If I were shorter and thinner I would have struck a pose inside that tunnel.Being tall for your age isn’t exactly fun all the time.And finally a break from the humdrum of seeing granite sculptures all this while.
Concrete sculpture.Yay
What material is this ?
This design could totally be used for a trophy.
Love these plants.I couldn’t think of any creative captions.Sorry !
Stair case goals.This is the entrance to the toilets btw.
Home goals
Fish sculpture
Then I headed to this gallery
After which I headed to the indigo gallery I had earlier put up a picture of.I am making it convenient for you guys so that you guys you don’t have to scroll up.


I then purchased a ticket in the gallery for 30 rupees.Photography was strictly prohibited inside.It was all abstract and modern paintings done during colonial rule when artists felt that art was becoming too westernized.They wanted to bring Indian elements back so these were either purely Indian or a combination of Indian and Western.All the galleries were filled with the same genre of art work.Everything was either acrylic,oil painting,water coloring or ink on paper.

I then asked the lady at the ticket counter if there was anything else to see and to my shock she said that was it and that the rest of the gates were residences to the houses of the artists.Hence,the name artists village.Even though I enjoyed this visit as it was different from the mundane streets of Chennai.I love visiting art museums due to my passion for works of art but if you aren’t an art aficionado you might get really bored here.There was a family of four and a couple visiting this place but they got extremely bored so they had long picture taking sessions at the International Sculpture museum to get some worth out of this visit.

I wore a tank top along with a denim pant,so that I can trick the officials into thinking that I was a tourist and I acted like I didn’t know Tamil.Because,girls my age from Chennai usually wear conservative Indian outfits(this category of outfits excludes sleeveless tops or any bottom that is above ankle length) or a simple jean and tee to places like these.They would easily able to identify my age group if I dressed like that.Wearing tank tops to public places is SOCIALLY out of question for locals in Chennai.If you are identified as a local you will get these awkward glares,snares and stares everywhere.I mean it’s just Chennai is much more conservative compared to the other parts of the country,especially with respect to dressing.Coming back to the point,the reason why I decided to dress all touristy was because I didn’t want people to conduct an FBI like interrogation on why I was travelling all alone to such a long distance.Two standard questions that arose every time I struck conversation with someone on this challenge tour:

1.Why are you travelling alone ?

2.Don’t you have any friends ?

I don’t get it.Is it a crime for a girl to roam around alone ?In fact,I don’t think 12 years of schooling and 3 years of college has taught me as much as this street photography tour has in just 5 days.In fact,solo trips are as much fun as ones with friends you discover aspects about yourself.The more you discover about yourself the more you can go about creating the kind of LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.


Here is a picture of my last glimpse of Cholamandalam artists village before I left.

It was time for me to book my uber.I was debating whether I should go home or for the biriyani and haagen dazs.I decided to go ahead with the former option because I am a binge eater at solo meals at restaurants hence my bank account will get thinner,not me.I was told that I need to keep my eating habits under control.

Wait for the day-7’s post soon,when it is out you will know.

If you have something to tell me or if you have a place suggestion for me to cover on this challenge comment below or E-mail me.

If you find this challenge interesting and would like to be a part of this wonderful and exciting tour either follow this blog or follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed reading !



37 Replies to “Street Photography Challenge day 6:An art glimpse walk.”

  1. We really need to break the stereotypes and enpower the strong, independent women to progress.
    Afterall its the strong women that make this world more greener, more beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great art works and this surely offers the best spot for photo shoot. I love how vibrant it is and just full of life. It is repleted with so much expression of beauty that is beyond compare. This shows the other side of the world that expresses art of a vibrant culture. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


  3. I have not yet been to this place. That’s quite some distance you have travelled to click. I thought you were going around somewhere within the city limits. ECR is now like the city, as its lost its rural look, as the city has expanded. I have heard about this place, but never really saw it on ECR or gathered the energy to search for it. I will check it out in Feb.


  4. Which part of India are you from? Where is it taboo for women to drink, I am not aware, I would be interested in knowing 😛 Is it still a taboo? Apart from that, Cholamandalam Artists Village seems to be so interesting. Is there any entrance fee?


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