Street Photography Challenge day 4:A Run through random roads

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Guess what ?My blog hit new milestones yesterday  thanks to you guys.I am really glad you enjoyed the posts of the last 3 days of the challenge.I am super excited to share with you the post of day 4 of the challenge.It was today(21/6/2017).Its all your encouragement and positive motivation that keeps me going.Thank you all so much.

Are you reading my blog for the first time ?Okay so I have decided to do a 10 day street photography challenge where I will be visiting random locations in my city and taking pictures.I currently reside in Chennai which is the capital of the Southernmost state of India,Tamil Nadu.Tamil Nadu is located right above Sri Lanka,both these places are separated by the Indian Ocean.

Using a map to explain where my city is located

Day 4 was relatively unproductive as my city’s traffic outnumbered the pictures.But today was what I call a ‘real challenge’.However day 4 was a productive teacher of life lessons,something I intended to learn during this challenge.

Especially two important ones-:

1.Never trust google maps especially in India.

2.Laziness can be fatal.

I have noted down everybody’s suggestions in chits which would decide where I would be going.It is a lot system,I shuffle them and pick up a random chit.So I didn’t know the bus route to get to today’s destination and the points that were assigned for clicking pictures.

So I thought google maps would be my best friend and these are the results it gave me-:

It said that my destinations were 51 minutes away from each other.I am pretty sure if you live in Chennai you’re ROFLing at the moment.I was stupid enough to believe this so I boarded the 45 B bus from the bus stop nearest to my house.I got down at the specified destination which happens to be the last stop of this bus.I walked and walked in the direction that google maps showed me but I couldn’t find Guindy national park anywhere.Hence,I asked an auto rickshaw (tuk tuk in other parts of the world) driver.He laughed and told me that Guindy National Park was nowhere close to where I was.He asked me if I had assumed if Guindy national park was in the locality Guindy ?

Image Source :Shutterstock.My expression that moment

He offered me a ride and after a huge bargain I made him turn on the rickshaw meter.Yes,bargaining with auto drivers is one of the tasks in the daily routine of an Indian.It cost me 130 Indian rupees to reach my destination.I would rather have taken an uber from home and paid the same price or lesser.Hence,never trust google maps in India only rely on advice given by locals.

Spoiler Alert:The 51 minutes google maps showed me turned out to be 51 seconds

So the picture spamming starts from here-:

The entrance to Guindy Park.It has a children’s park which is a zoo,a snake park and a national park.It was 36 degrees celcius this morning and I had to walk in the heat.
I took a picture of this signboard so that I can show you what the Tamil script looks like.
Everytime we had visitors home we would bring them on a Chennai city tour and this would be one of our destinations.
The view of the gate through which you enter the park
A dinosaur manequin outside the park.Apologies for the bad picture.There was some construction work going on opposite this mannequin and the construction workers were passing eve teasing remarks which distracted me.Even though,eve teasing is a daily thing you encounter in India and I ignored it I still did feel uncomfortable.
A small banyan tree and a green board with a list of rules and regulations to be followed inside the children’s park.
The green enclosure like thing you see behind this fence is a bird cage

After this point was the ticket counter and I could only proceed beyond this point if I bought a ticket.I am not a huge fan of wildlife and I detest visiting Indian zoos because they are all at the heights of poor maintenance.It wasn’t my intention to visit this place.My wildlife enthusiast mother suggested that I cover this park for two reasons :

1.Its a popular tourist destination

2.It was located in the area that came on the chit I had picked up.

So I made my way back to the main gate.

Spot the animals on this gate
There is a peahen in this picture try spotting it
This cage consists of a huge pond(not seen in the picture) with a variety of waterbirds(seen in picture)
Different types of waterbirds.The fence blocked my view
Lemon juice seller at the main gate.This my 3rd post in a row featuring a lemon drink.But I was too thirsty to take a picture of the iced lemon soda that I had bought.
I took a picture of this rover to show you guys the wide economic disparity in my country.When the suited man in the rover spotted me clicking the picture he moved the car ahead to the juice stall,glared at me for a few seconds and left.
My next stop was two buildings away.IIT(Indian Institute of Technology)Madras.Yes this is the dreaded 3 letter word every Indian has been hearing all his life.The examination taken to crack this institute can make or break a person’s life according to most Indian parents.IIT is the Indian version of Harvard and Oxbridge.Parents start sending their children for coaching to this institute when they are in 6th grade and are still at the infancy stage of self discovery.Every Indian parent’s dream to have a son who’s an IIT graduate and a daughter who’s either an IIT graduate or married to an IIT graduate.
The main entrance of IIT Madras.I would have gone inside but I can’t without prior permission.Also,the campus is a city in itself and I probably would be spending the entire day finding my way back if I had gone in.
Signboards like these especially outside universities like IIT are the most classical examples of irony
Behind this gate is a security booth
On the opposite is Central Leather Research Institute Chennai.Its self explanatory what this institute is for
Glimpse of my city traffic.I was clicking pictures standing amidst this kind of  traffic most of the time .The sidewalks were to narrow to walk on.I captured this picture from the sidewalk though.If you’re not from India I know you must be thinking I am crazy as I could’ve gotten killed.But in India,it is normal for people to do this.
Cancer institute.This institute is located amidst IIT and Guindy Park,the previous two places I was talking about.But the traffic was so bad that I could not capture a picture and the man you see in the brown shirt wouldn’t stop looking at me.So I had to wait for him to look elsewhere.I was actually risking my life taking this picture,I could have gotten killed.I would have taken more pictures from different angles but my life matters to me.
Finally I can cross this road after a long wait
One more road to cross
The Central leather research institute
I love these flowers at the central leather research inst
Time for some tender coconut water to beat the heat
Discarded tender coconuts
Things like these become luxuries in the heat

I had a chat with the tender coconut seller about the bus route back home.Upon his instructions,I boarded the direct bus numbered 5c and I captured a few pics on my ride.

School of architecture,Anna University
The yellow and black thing you see in this picture is an autorickshaw.
Looking at the  airport signboard fills my heart with hopes amd dreams
Love the wall art
Cute wall art
Captured this at random-Anna Gem Science Park School
The blue building you see behind this tree is Asia’s largest library.I couldn’t capture this from a moving bus,I will take you through this library another day
Adyar bridge and Adyar river.
Adyar river from a close up

You should have imagined by frustration at my laziness when I got off the bus.The bus to this place was just one street away from where I live,I knew it and I was lazy to walk one street that’s all.The laziness cost me 130 rupees.

Anyway today was an adventurous day.The weather conditions in my city are currently like a patient suffering from bipolar mood disorder.So only they would be able to determine when I will be back with day 5’s post.Because the temperature dropped by 5 degrees the moment I got back home from today’s session.

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Stay tuned !


53 Replies to “Street Photography Challenge day 4:A Run through random roads”

  1. So neat Harini! What a beautiful place with so many sights to behold. I loved your picture! Thanks for sharing… I think I will need to add this to my travel bucket list!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Take a good look at details when you’re taking photos. I’ve seen people only with half of body in your pictures. That’s not esthetic. Keep working and I’m sure you’ll be great.
    By the way, search for free courses on Udemy. I’m sure you’ll find great ones on photo composition.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. first, I seriously laughed about the Google travel prediction being 51 mins when it was 51 seconds. Second, I love your photos and have so many questions. Where are the traffic lights? Can anyone just set up a stand on the sidewalk and start selling or is it regulated? And most of all, what is the backstory behind the wall art?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha !Now when I think about it even I m laughing.But at that time it was terrible.Thank you so much.The traffic lights are below the fly over you can see them in one of my pictures.Anyone can set up a stand on the sidewalk,even though by law permission is needed nobody really abides by it people just set up stands and bribe the policemen in case they ask questions.There is no back story behind they are just painted by some students to make the wall look more colourful and attractive


  4. Hahaha, I love your bit about Google Maps being unreliable in India. Whenever I travel to India, and try using Google Maps it ends up leading me to dead ends and roads too small for cars. Great Article!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You inspire me to take photography seriously! I always make excuses that i don’t have time while just lazing on the sofa. Laziness is really fatal. Beautiful pics btw:)


  6. Harini, except for the Tamil script, Chennai looks very similar to Delhi. Our aspirations are the same across. We want our kids to go to the IITs, never mind whether the kids really have that aptitude. Try to compose your blog next time. Great effort, congrats.


  7. Don’t you just hate it, when Google map doesn’t get it right. I did experience getting lost a few times because of following Google map. Most of the time it’s reliable, but in those few times that it wasn’t couldn’t help but be disappointed.
    The photos allowed us a local’s perspective. My only suggestion, if I’m allowed to do that is that you use a better camera. You would make this series of yours all the better with it.


  8. I have not been to the Guindy state park in years. I keep going to IIT for atleast the music fests. I too am a 45B user. I am from Madipakkam and I used to board that bus route to go to school and its a nice way to take people along and explore a dissection of Chennai


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