Street Photography Challenge day 3-Mylapore mini heritage walk

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I m back as promised.Thank you so much for the amazing response you guys gave me for day 1 and day 2.If you haven’t read my day 1 and day 2 posts yet I have attached the links at the end of this post.

If you don’t know what I m talking about,I decided to take up a 10 day street photography challenge.In this challenge I will be visiting random locations in my city for 10 days,taking pictures and posting it on the blog.This is to show the rest of the world the beauty that exists within my own city.

I live in Chennai,a metropolitan city in Tamil Nadu the Southernmost State in India.Tamil Nadu is right above Sri Lanka and is separated from Sri Lanka by the Indian ocean.

I did a very short tour today(19/6/2017).Hence,this post may not be as exciting and elaborate as the other two.Initially,I had been planning on something much cooler.But,last night there was a continuos and overdue power fluctuation at home(12 am-8am) and I hadn’t slept for even a nanosecond.Even though we do have a power backup,the fan speed would keep changing from 1(lowest) to 5(highest) every few seconds which was extremely disturbing.Its impossible for me to sleep without the air conditioning in this summer heat.I was too tired to go anywhere far away.Hence,I decided to go to a tourist worthy location in my own locality.

I live in Mylapore,which is the city’s main center of Tamil culture and heritage.It is located in South Chennai but very close to the central parts of the city making it a very convenient location to travel to other parts.Its also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chennai being home to the renowned Kapaleeswarar temple.Tourists never fail to include Mylapore in their itinerary when they visit Chennai and it is always covered in the Chennai city tours hosted by various tourism agencies.

I decided to explore North Mada Street,which is where the Kapaleeswarar temple is located and all the tourist activity takes place.South Mada Street,the street that is perpendicular to North Mada Street is also quiet a busy place.Mada Street is a popular location for shopping and eating.

These streets are a 20 minute walk from my house but as I mentioned I was too tired.So I took a sharing taxi from the bus stand.

I got off at the Thirumailai Railway Station(the Mylapore local train station) diagonally opposite to which the North Mada Street is located.

Thirumailai Railway Station
Just a glimpse of Indian road rules.A cycle is going alongside a car
Mylapore has several of these kinds of shops.You can get your art or embroidery work framed here.These frames are exquisite and are a fine work of art themselves.The paintings you can see in the picture are Tanjore paintings,they originate from Tanjore in Tamil Nadu and depict works of art of gods and godesses.
Sri Vijaya Stores.The store where you get Indian accessories at the most nominal prices.You get even home decors and god idols here.This place is extremely popular for dance jewellery
The roadside market place.You get clothes,shoes,bags and accessories here.This picture didn’t turn out as good as I wanted ot to because I was hassled by street vendors,hawkers and beggars.
Grand Sweets and Snacks.One of Chennai’s most popular chain of sweet and savoury shop
Yes,finally you get a closer view of the markets.
The exquisite building like structure you see on top of this jewellery shop is the Kapaleeswarar temple.This isnt the roof of the jewellery shop even though it looks like it is in the picture.
Towards your right you can see a water tank.Known as Mylapore tank.This is considered holy and people drop coins inside the tank as a religious offering.Sometimes rituals happen here and this tank is a treat to the eyes at night,when it is very well lit up.
The small temple that you can see in the center of the tank is where all the religious rituals take place.
I love this structure.Our ancestors were such amazing architects without any formal education.
Roadside flower vendor shops outside the temple.These flowers are either worn on the hair by women or are given as offerings to god.I did not go to the center on purpose because I didn’t want to be seen taking pictures by the vendor.Else I would be coaxed into buying the flowers.Inside those baskets are coconuts they are broken in temples as a religious offering.
The entrance to the temple
Now you can see clearly what these flower vendors are selling
More flower vendor shops
Yes they do stay true to this objective.One of the very few places which does
View of the whole tank
It actually wasn’t this green.The lighting was amazing today
The tank is huge hence I captured it from various angles

Then I decided that my visit to Mada Street was incomplete without relishing some delicious traditional Tamil Nadu delights.Mylapore tank is full of restaurants and tiny messes which serve the best food ever.However,I needed some place that was airy and empty.I wanted some peace and I was already sweating despite the pleasant weather.

Hence,I went to Gitanjali restaurant and ordered some vada sambhar,filter coffee and iced lemon juice.

Vada sambhar garnished with onions it also had some garlic,tomato,beans and drumsticks in the sambhar
Image Source:AMP.What vadas look like

Even though it was delicious,I still wasn’t very satisfied because the vada was soggy and not crunchy.The sambhar had become cold by the time I had finished clicking this picture(which was like 2 minutes post service).

I gulped the lemon juice down my throat next
Filter coffee(kaapi).The signature coffee of Chennai.You wouldn’t get this anywhere else in the world.Atleast not of this quality.
More than the taste.I think its the foaminess that makes this type of coffee an international favourite.

I would have stayed back and ordered more food but I didn’t for two reasons :

1.I wanted crunchy food and sogginess of the vada put me off.

2.I ate breakfast late and it was a heavy one.

Oh,I forgot to mention.I went around 11 am in the morning and got back home by 12.

At this point,fatigue was really starting to get to me and I decided that I needed to get back home that very second.

Hence,I waved to a rickshaw(also known as tuk tuk in other South Asian countries) and hopped in after a bargain over the price.Bargaining with rickshaw drivers and roadside shopkeepers is a daily thing in India.

I managed to capture a few pictures on the short rickshaw ride back home.

A view of the streets
A popular utensil and home appliances store
From left to right:A clothing store,a cosmetic store and a jewellery store
Vijaya stores is one of the most popular academic book shops in Chennai.For the best South Indian food ever visit Sangeetha restaurant that you can see in the picture.Its a chain of restaurants and hotels that exists all over the world
The red board you see with the word ‘vastralayam’ is a Khadi store.’Khadi’ refers to homespun cotton material.It become popular during the Gandhian era.During British rule,Mahatma Gandhi banned the use of goods which were manufactured in Britain and insisted on the usage of domestically manufactured products.
Adyar Ananda Bhavan is another popular chain of restaurants for sweets and savouries that can be found all over the world.

I don’t think it was just the lack of sleep but also my choice of outfit that added to the exhaustion.Since,Mylapore is the heart of Tamilnadu cultural activities there is an unwritten rule that women have to dress conservatively and wear only Indian clothes.I wear only sleeveless and full sleeves,never liked wearing half sleeves or 3/4ths .Considering the above explanation of this place I would have obviously worn the latter.Besides,I had forgotten to tie my hair into a bun.

The top part of my outfit for the day.The red thing you see hanging from my neck is my handbag and no slurs about my messy hair will be entertained.
The bottom part of my outfit

I didn’t go inside the Kapaleeswarar temple because I haven’t worn a bindi(forehead dot) as you can see in the picture which will invite several glares and snares.

The material was extremely thick and I should have worn something of thin material.

If you’re interested in being a part of this challenge follow me on twitter and instagram.

If you would like to tell me something do so by commenting below or e-mail me.

Day 1’s post-click here

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Day 4’s post will be out either on Wednesday or Thursday.Please stay tuned


19 Replies to “Street Photography Challenge day 3-Mylapore mini heritage walk”

  1. I saw another one of your posts and I am just loving the street photography thing. I love seeing different parts of the country and unfortunately I can’t afford to go there myself. SO thank you for sharing!


  2. I am loving your photography challenge! I was so happy to see photos of the Kapaleeswarar temple; it is magnificent! And I like your earrings! Thanks so much for sharing Chennai with me. 🙂 The filter coffee looks very good. I think it would be good with some sweets.


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