Street photography challenge Day 1-A walk along Marina Beach

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On the glorious evening of 14th June 2017 I decided to start off with the 10 day street photography challenge to embrace and show the world the beauty that lies within my own city.I currently live in Chennai,Tamil Nadu in India.Tamil Nadu is the Southern most state in my country.It lies just above Sri Lanka.It is bordered by the Indian states of Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh,Kerala and the Indian Ocean which separates Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

Picture 1:Showing the location of Chennai on Google maps.

Chennai is the capital city of the Tamil Nadu state and is one of the four metropolitan cities of India.The other three being Mumbai,Delhi and Kolkata.The local language spoken here is Tamil.

I am not discussing further about this place.The rest of the details will be treated like the climax of a movie or a book.For the next 10 days I will be visiting various locations in my city,taking pictures and posting it on the blog.All these locations will be important points of interest to locals as well as tourists.

Today I decided to take a 3 km walk along Marina Beach,the longest beach in India and the second longest urban beach in the world.The beach stretches across 13 kms.I know I covered less than 1/4th of the distance and I blame the incorrigible summer weather in my city for this.I didn’t go inside the beach because if I had then it would be ‘beach photography’.I wanted to stay faithful to the name ‘street photography challenge’.Hence,I walked along the road by the beach to take the pictures.

At one end of the beach is Fort St George and at the other is Besant Nagar.This beach assumes different names at different points and I’m guessing it’s to make it sound like Chennai has a lot of beaches.

The sea in this beach is known as the Bay of Bengal and is a part of the Indian Ocean

My starting point for this walk was Queen Mary’s college and the finishing point was Napier bridge.If I had walked for another 1.5 kms I would have reached Fort St George,one of the ends of this ultra long beach.
I had earlier  decided to go in the morning and capture photos of the sunrise since my instagram page is already spammed with sunset pictures.However,waking before 8 on a holiday is my way of defining impossible.If you have been following me on Instagram now you know why I post sunset and not sunrise pictures.

It’s too hot to go out anywhere between 8 am and 4 pm right now.So,I took a 4:30 pm bus to Queen Mary’s college from my house.Since,I missed out on sunrise photos I wanted to stay back and capture as many sunset photos from as many angles as I could.The walk lasted for about 20-25 minutes.

So here are the pictures-:

Picture 1:Statues of Shivaji Ganesan(gold) and Mahatma Gandhi(Black) located right opposite my starting point.

Picture 2 :I just love trees without leaves especially at sunset hence I captured this.Alongside the trees are a few food stalls and ice cream carts.

Picture 3 :I just clicked this branch randomly because it looked beautiful.

Picture 4:This is the same branch as the previous picture only  with different levels of brightness and contrast

Picture 5:Depicting the traffic at the beach during sunset .

Picture 6:One of the buildings of University of Madras.

Picture 7:Just some beach scenes.

Picture 8:The building you can see from a distance is Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center.This center was established as a tribute to the Saint Swami Vivekananda on his 150th birth anniversary.

Picture 9:Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center.The few things which can be found here are a library with books of his teachings and a shrine.

Picture 10:Swami Vivekananda Cultural center.Cultural events which integrate his teaching practices and events to honour him are held here.

Picture 11:A statue of Dr Annie Besant.One of the British Women’s rights activities who played a major role in women’s education and empowerment during the colonial era.’Besant Nagar’ is named after her.

Picture 12:One of the Public Works Department office buildings.

Picture 13 :This has always been my favourite spot to chill at the Marina.

Picture 14:From a distance you can see the statue of Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Picture 15:Statue of Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose,one of the revolutionary freedom fighters during the colonial era.

Picture 16:Pebbles

Picture 17:Traffic scenes at the beach Picture 18:A ground used for sports,National Cadet Corps Activities,Scouts and Guides activities and National Service Scheme Activities 

Picture 19:View of the University of Madras Main campus consisting of the academic blocks from a distance. 

Picture 20 :Presidency college affiliated to the University of Madras.

Picture 21:One of the Water resources department buildings consisting of a library and a conference hall for related matters.

Picture 22:Gate to the water resources department’s office  building .

Picture 23:View of a random office building.

Picture 24:One of the buildings of University of Madras.

Picture 25:The best part about this beach is sea view +greenery

Picture 26:The labour party statue

Picture 27:A lot can happen beneath these trees(pun intended)

Picture 28:The white curvy structure you see behind this arch is the memorial of the late great actor and politician Dr MGR.

Picture 29:The main entrance of the University of Madras.

Picture 30:One of the buildings of the University of Madras.

Picture 31:Statue of a flying horse captured at Marina beach

Picture 32:Statue of Bharathiyar.An influential writer,poet and social reformer during the 19th century colonial era.

Picture 33:Almost at the finish line of this walk.

Picture 34:Yay !Reached the finish line,this is the Napier bridge.Besides the traffic policeman was so kind that he offered to stop the traffic to let me take pictures but I politely declined the offer.

Picture 34:Entry to Marina beach near Napier bridge

At this point I hopped on to the bus back home and below are some of the pictures that I clicked while on the bus ride-:

I m keeping it a suspense on where I am headed next so no point of your guessing games.Just kidding,I myself will decide like an hour before I leave today.

I had an amazing day 1 and I m so excited for the rest of this challenge.If you’re interested in knowing where I  head through the rest of this challenge do follow me on Instagram (misstalkingfeet_traveller) and Twitter(misstalkingfeet).

If you have never visited Chennai let me tell you something.The pictures I have captured is only 1/10th of what this beach actually is.It looks a lot better in real life  and has much much more to it than these pictures depict.There are a zillion more sights and activities on this beach.

Stay tuned as the updates of Day 2 of this challenge will be out in 1-2 days.Please be a part of this amazing and fun filled journey.


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