Let’s take that solo trip girls !

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Hey guys I m back with a new post.I m not going to make any excuses for my overdue absence.I am going to be honest with you all-I was lazy that’s it.I am human and I have every right dissociate and chill during my holidays .Speaking of dissociate vacations are an amazing way to do so.Every girl needs a vacation for herself and by herself.This continues to remain a dream for most of the Indian girls,including me.I maybe a novice vagabond,but I am not kidding to make you feel better. I have only  travelled alone by trains and flights.Never had the opportunity to explore a place all by myself.
Convincing most  Indian parents to let their young girls on a solo trip is a wild goose chase if the girls aren’t financially independent .

Let me be honest ,the concern lies more towards ‘log kya kahenge'(what will other people say) than safety and security.Please don’t kill me.Everyone deserves to know the truth.


Considering the mindset of our society I do agree that it’s difficult but not impossible for us to achieve our solo travel  dreams.
If you’re financially dependent,the best way to start is by interning at a place you’ve never been to or keep a look out  for conferences /workshops outside your city in topics that interest you.That way your parents will know that you’re going that for a productive purpose.Ofc that’s not your main purpose,conferences can be hectic so make sure you keep your purpose alive.Its all upto you to manage your time,energy and expenses.


Don’t stay in hotels,because that is a valid safety concern most parents will have for sure.

Either stay at someone’s house or  a working women’s hostel.If accommodation is offered by the concerned organisation then bow to the lord and thank him.

Take up a volunteering assignment outside your city it’a godsend opportunity for you to explore on your own.

Participate in competitions and cultural events at universities located in places you’ve never been to,if you’re a college student.
Or you could opt for one of the group packages offered by travel companies like Thomas Cook,Cox&Kings,Sotc,Yatra,Goibibo and Make my trip.That way you will make lots of new friends and your solo travel dream will be partially fulfilled (because you will be exploring with a group of unknown people).


As your travel experiences increase,your parents will eventually begin confiding in you.I don’t know your parents but if my prayers get answered they will let you on that solo trip.

So,I will begin my evening prayers for all of us now.


I wish this happens one day and that better be before I grow old-:

Photo:the hostelgirl.com


3 Replies to “Let’s take that solo trip girls !”

  1. So inspiring and some really useful tips in here. Solo travel is high on my bucket list. So far I have always traveled with my family. But I want to travel solo to boost my own confidence level and have this experience in life.

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  2. I love this post. I was born and raised in South Africa – of Indian descent and I can safely say after reading this post, Indian parents are the same no matter where in the world they are! I managed to travel solo to the USA where I lived and worked as an au pair. It was tough for them but they understand my need to travel!

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