Apologies for the fortnight long absence.I was plagued by my final semester exams.A vacation is my exam hangover cure.Hence,I just returned less than 24 hours ago from a wonderful trip to Agra.I know you would want to throw tomatoes at me for visiting Agra during summer.But,I hope to be a part of the La Tomatina festival in Spain soon and you can do that if I happen to meet you there .

Picture 1:This is the gate through which I entered Taj Mahal after a 0.5 km long walk and a tight security check.

Picture 2:My first glimpse of Taj Mahal

Anyway, I became a baked brownie there.Hence, I shall never go on a vacation to the northern part of India any time in summer ever again(hillstations are an exception ).The reason why I went this time was that I had to visit Delhi for an academic purpose ,I have been to Delhi a zillion times but I have never visited this monument that is the representative symbol of India.

Picture 3:Walking towards the monument 

If you haven’t been here yet then read this post,if you have why are you wasting your time ?Go mind your own business 

So here are a few things which I learnt through my experience and which you ought to know in case you plan to visit this place-:

1.In case you plan to visit in the summer,go there between 6 am-7:30. Else,you’re going to be walking around invisible flames that way you ll get a glimpse of what life on planet mercury feels like.

2.The best time to go is after october .You can visit throughout the day from 6am-5pm.

3.Only money,electronic devices ,water bottle and camera are allowed inside the monument.Other than that,not even a piece of paper is allowed.Because authorities are extremely particular in preserving the monument in its most pristine form and anything that endangers it’s current form wouldn’t be allowed.

P.S This is precisely the reason why I didn’t use filters in any of the pictures in this post.

4.Picnics and reading books on the lawn aren’t allowed.

5.Beware of hawkers and beggars.

Picture 4:Here is a close-up.

The entry fee for Indians is 40 Rs per person and for foreign nationals  it’s Rs 1000 per person.If you’re below 15 ,you’re extremely lucky because you can enter for free irrespective of whether you’re an Indian or a foreign national.On Fridays ,you will only be able to view the Taj Mahal you cannot go inside due to namaaz.Whereas,you can go inside on all other days.

Inside the Taj Mahal,you get to witness the exquisite finesse of Mughal architectural designs.I couldn’t take pictures inside because photography wasn’t allowed and I chose to abide the rule.The bodies of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan who built this monument and his wife are also buried in there and guess what ?The marble there is the softest marble I have ever walked on.

Picture 5:A viewpoint yo the rear of the monument.

I could only take pictures of the monument on my phone.I was overshadowed by the sun in all my pictures,hence I am not posting them here.However ,I managed to get a few decent pictures of myself  clicked on my parents’ camera and the ‘mandatory’ holding the tip of the Taj Mahal picture by one of the photographers there.I will be launching a separate section for photos on this blog very soon and I shall upload those pictures there.

I have a come up with a theory that the Taj Mahal closes by 5 pm because the ghosts of Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal roam around there.Jk ,I don’t believe in ghosts

All the pictures on the blog post were clicked by me on my phone 


7 Replies to “A day out at the Taj Mahal”

  1. i have never been there , there are so many pics of the Taj clicked by professional photographers , do you think they take special approval or are there places to see which are not a part of the security check section


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